Men often described as simple creatures unable to multi-task yet we can be just as complex as women and our needs are far from straightforward. So girls go back to the drawing board because you may not know as much as you think.Take these genuine things men find irresistible about a female.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First


A woman with a fantastic smile – especially when it's directed at us has us melting. Firstly up it disarms us, puts us at ease removing our fear of approaching you. A genuine smile allows us to assess your personality – a woman who smiles and laughs unselfconsciously is exceedingly attractive because she appears confident and happy within. The lips are also a very sensual and suggestive part of the body which we cant help but find sexy too.


To define beauty we are told it's all about the symmetry of the face or so scientists tell us, but don't be fooled. Why are we so often attracted to women whose features aren't perfectly symmetrical. I'll tell you what we love - that scar above her eyebrow, a mole, an uneven tooth or those eyebrows that have us hooked, line and sinker as fishermen say. What it most definately isn't is 'symmetry. In other words it's the little imperfections - that certain something that isn't manufactured or can't be achieved with make-up that gives us a peak into the real you, that makes you unique and truly irresistible. Yes we love attractive good looks, but they ’re the kind of good looks that can’t be achieved using botox, make-up and concealer. Think Lady Gaga and Rosie Huntington Whitley opposites but both beautiful in their own right.


Breasts, bottoms, hips and thighs are a mesmerising fun house of men's minds so don't get hung up over dieting and gym workouts. Yes spend some time at the gym and diet, but know when thinner become 'too thin' when flat abs become too flat. The truth is most of us blokes don’t really care for waif like beauty. On a primal level we’re drawn to women with wide hips the Kim Kardashian silhouette as it signifies that you’re of good breeding stock! After all no bloke wants a girl who is more manly than he is..


Now this is the deep side of our nature as contrary to popular belief we are not all about surface appearance. We too are attracted by what’s on the inside. Intelligent conversation is a favourite kind of foreplay! A woman who can debate the ins and outs of the new world order, nuclear disarmament, the political uprising in the Middle East we honestly find a turn-on. A woman who can stimulate our mind as well as our hormones is far more attractive, lets face it we would soon get bored and move on very quickly if it was purely down to looks and sex..


A woman who earns her own money, rents or owns her own place and is in control of where here life is headed is far more attractive for a host of reasons. An independent woman usually has a positive mental attitude as well as bags of self-esteem and self-confidence. Without such qualities she wouldn’t be the success that she is. This is a potent aphrodisiac that we just can’t get enough of.

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