Written by Michael Krayenhoff co-founder & dating expert at www.theinnercircle.co

Are you after the perfect man?

Are you after the perfect man?

No man is perfect.

But you can teach him how to be perfect for you.

Familiar with the feeling that you are always the one doing everything around the house? Then one day, after weeks of asking, your man cleaned the house, put the bin bags out and wiped the surfaces and then acts like he moved mountains? When in reality he did 3 of the 600 things that had to be done, leaving you to do the rest.

You know those days where you are being thoughtful, you got him a cold beer and some of his favourite snacks so he will really enjoy the big football match on that night? It likely does not go unnoticed, but why can’t he reciprocate it?

How nice would it be if he ran you a bath after a long day of work? Or bought you a fresh bouquet of flowers or gave you a simple thank you for folding his laundry the 389th day in a row.

This is not a fairy-tale, it can be your reality!

1. Make a list

Accept that your man won’t see what you see. So instead, simply make a list of the things that need to be done and hang the list somewhere obvious.

2. Compliment

Be happy and thankful - rewarding him with a compliment here and there will stimulate repetition of the ‘desired behaviour’.

3) Share the little things make you most happy

Share the type of thoughtful surprises that make you happy like running a bath after a long day, buying flowers, cooking a surprise dinner or simply buying your favourite chocolate for when your watching your favourite tv show. Most men love to make their other half happy, they just didn’t realise that it's those little things that make you most happy.

4) Talk

He can’t read your mind and you cannot read his. As we all know that assumptions are the mother of all fuck-ups it’s safely to say that it’s always better to double check on your suspicion and ask.

5) Resolve bad habits with humour

Humour is the best way to create awareness around irritations.

Here is how my better half resolved my odd tendency of covering the mirror in white dots while brushing my teeth. She wrote a witty poem and made it look happy clappy and hang that on the mirror;

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Who is the most pretty of all?

I’m sorry at the moment I can’t see

There are splashes all over me

Brush your teeth in a normal way

And then see what I have to say

There was never a tooth paste spat on the mirror again.

No man is perfect, but in order for them to have a shot at being your perfect man, you have to teach them how you want to be loved. Once you’ve done that, take a deep breath and trust that they will listen and adapt to your needs. Fingers crossed team!