You settle on a day- Do you want to see it through until the 12th day of Christmas or get rid of them before you go back to work? Or just after the New Year so you can concentrate on your new diet, booking a holiday and buying a sofa?

Christmas on Female First

Christmas on Female First

Bring down all the boxes from the loft- Which often results in broken fingernails and bruises- but even light things hurt when they’re dropped from a height.

Question the things you’re putting away-

‘Why did you buy this?’

‘Why did we buy this?’

‘Will you really want to put this up next year?’

‘Why don’t our decorations look as nice as our friends?’  

State aloud what things you need to replace- Like faulty tree lights and damaged garlands. But neither of you write this information down and as soon as the boxes are safely tucked away- you forget what you need to purchase in the sales.

Ask yourselves if it’s all worth it- And contemplate buying a fibre optic tree and calling it a day.

Say the inevitable words- ‘It doesn't seem like five minutes since we were putting these up!’ or ‘it doesn’t seem like a year since we were boxing these up! Does it?’ Christmas wouldn’t be the same without some comment about how quickly time passes.

Argue- As a general rule, one of you is a neat freak who likes to place everything carefully back in apple pie order- while the other just wants the stuff out of their hair and jams it in any available space in the boxes.

Make plans for next year- That you know you will never stick to but it helps to avoid the painfully obvious truth- that Christmas is over and you have to get dressed and be adults again.

Dump the boxes in the loft- By this point you don’t really care if they are stacked neatly or labelled up- you just want them up there and out of the way.

Hoover- The movement of the tree and the storing of glittery things leaves behind a layer of Christmas you would have thought cute two weeks ago. But now- you don’t want any reminders that no too long ago you were eating stuffing sandwiches together in your pjs. And now you have to go out and earn some money to fund Christmas next year.



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