With nearly two-thirds (62%) of people having pledged to be healthier this year - one third (31%) concentrating on eating more healthily and one quarter (25%) of people committing to being more active - it's clear to see the public start off the year with strong intentions. To help, many pledge to do this with their partners, in order to keep each other on the straight and narrow. There is nothing worse than one person having to be strict with their eating, whilst the other tucks into all the delicious festive season leftovers. Although 52%* put pressure on themselves to decide to start the year with a healthier focus, many corral others, usually their partners, to support.

Potatoes are very versatile

Potatoes are very versatile

Often we see people going about it in the wrong way and new research from the Potatoes: More Than A Bit On The Side campaign, reveals that although nearly one third (30%) understand that they require all food groups to live a healthy lifestyle, over one quarter (27%) of people are cutting out particular foods that they believe will help them shift the extra pounds and be healthier.

Sometimes it is the foods people decide to turn their back on that could be the ones that could help them succeed. Potatoes are a good example of this and could be part of the answer to your January dieting woes. Here's a few reasons why couples can improve their relationship with potatoes, healthy eating, and each other, in 2016.

Cheap & cheerful

Finance can put a strain on any couple. Potatoes are 100% natural and great value for money. From one bag that won't break the bank, a couple can make a range of tasty dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Like any relationship, breaking out of your comfort zone is important and the same can be said for potatoes. It's not just about old favourites like mash, roasts and boiled spuds - potatoes can be used to make a huge amount of different, adventurous, tasty and exciting dishes.

They are hard not to like

The way potatoes taste makes them a healthy food that most people can get on board with. Previous research** tells us that over one third (36%) would be upset if their other half did not serve up a dish that included potatoes on the plate. So couples should bear this in mind when they are rustling up dinner for their loved ones. A potato dish is pretty sure to be a hit!

Spice up your relationship

Potatoes are a fantastic addition to curries and Asian dishes as they take on the flavour of the herbs and spices well. As takeaways may be on lock down in January whilst the bank balance and bleak weather may mean couples spend weekend evenings indoors, experimenting with some takeaway favourites using healthy potatoes might sound like fun. Creating new dishes together or cooking for each other might be a great way to spice things up.

Keep motivation for your summer holidays

Potatoes can work in a range of dishes from across the globe, with many countries using them in their national dishes too. When staying healthy it is important to work towards a goal, and on cold and wintery days it is good to focus and plan summer getaways. This can give couples something to work towards and eating potatoes with foreign flavours could help to get couples in the mood to plan their summer holidays. Dreaming of summer and being in swimwear might help couples keep their focus and succeed with their healthy eating plans.

Breakfast in bed (with a difference)

It is important to get enough sleep when you are trying to be healthy. Too little sleep and you and your partner may be tempted into eating more or less healthy choices throughout the day and not have the energy to hit the gym. If having a well-deserved Sunday lie in, making your better half a breakfast in bed with a difference could win brownie points in any relationship. Potato leftover or bespoke breakfast recipes using potatoes are quick, healthy and most of all - impressive!

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*Statistics taken from recent research from the Potatoes : More Than A Bit O n T he Side campaign, conducted by Censuswide between 23 December 2015 - 5 January 2016. 2,004 respondents were surveyed from the UK and Republic of Ireland.

**Statistics taken from Potatoes : More Than A Bit O n T he Side campaign research, conducted by Censuswide between the 18th - 22nd September 2015. 2342 respondents were surveyed from the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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