Friday nights are bittersweet- You want to have the energy to go to the cinema, out for a meal or a few drinks but your bed beckons and all those early mornings catch up on you. You find yourselves in bed at the same time as you would do on a school night. But it will help you to get up early and do something with your Saturday- right?

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Wrong- On Saturday mornings all you want to do is lie in- And you relish in the fact that you don't have to turn off your alarms. Snuggling in your pit well past your normal get up time is a wonderful thing and the novelty never wears off.

You make an epic breakfast- For the last five days you've survived on the odd piece of toast, a drink or fresh air so this is your opportunity to make breakfast a thing so you pull out all the stops in a joint effort of carbs and grease.

You don't get out of your pjs until lunch time- There's nothing rushing either of you today so you take advantage of the fact that you don't have to get dressed until you decide you should really leave the house.

You shower like you've never showered before- You shave, you buff, your lather, all because you have the time to pamper yourself. Sometimes you even get in together and then you've no chance of a quick rinse.

You get ready a snail's pace- Today you can moisturise, do your nails, choose your outfit and jewellery carefully, while your partner cuts their nails, trims their nose hair and irons their top. You both look good on weekends because you can take more pride in your appearance. During the week it's a sorry sight of bags under eyes, crumpled shirts and hairy everything.

You bicker about not having anything planned- Neither of you has a good enough idea so you watch trash TV in the hope one of you will have a lightbulb moment. The trash TV makes you realise that your predicament is not all that bad so you keep watching to make yourselves feel better about your lack of decision making skills.

You resort to going to the cinema, running an errand or visiting the shops- Just to say you've done something with the day all the while you're both kicking yourself for not being more inventive with your time off together.

You stay up late on Saturday night- All the sleeping in till the late hours of the morning means that neither of you is tired so you watch a movie or a TV show you've seen dozens of times before, then drag your crumb covered bodies upstairs to bed.

You get up late again- And Sunday is just the same as Saturday and you hope that next weekend will be different.

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