The jury is out- couples are guilty of doing the most disgusting of things in front of one another- however this openness appears to have no effect on the longevity or quality of a relationship.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Even though couples admit that these activities are not for the faint of heart- it shows they are not afraid to hide any aspect of themselves from their significant other.

Urination- You have sex- so watching them pee is not really a big deal. You've seen the bits that the pee is coming out of many times before so it no longer fazes you.

Toenail trimming - There is nothing more satisfying than clipping your toe nails in front of the TV while watching a movie together. You just know that once one of you gives yourself a manicure the other will want in on the action.

Burping - It shows that you have heartily enjoyed dish they have cooked for you. Better to get rid of it before you go in for a kiss. There's nothing worse than leaning in to the smell of a half digested meal.

Farting- Everyone does it and although you might have pretended you didn't when you first got together- the inevitable day came when one slipped out. After that there is no shame in letting rip as and when you need to- in fact you both find it quite funny now.

Popping each-others spots - You couldn't possibly let your partner go outside with a massive white head on their chin now could you? It's a service you provide for one another. But also- it's massively satisfying- when you get a good one you regret not posting it on You Tube.

Intimate hair removal - There are always those hard to reach places you miss every time with your razor and sometimes you have to ask your partner to tidy it up so you have neater job downstairs. You've trimmed his pubic hair in the past so it goes both ways. 

Bowel movements - You might not want to watch your partner while they are going for a number two, but you certainly talk about it afterwards. When you first got together it was a taboo subject and saved it for when he wasn't around, but now you are quite happy to announce when you're going to be in the bathroom for longer than a wee.

George Charles, spokesperson for, made the following comment regarding the study:

"Hearing that couples are comfortable with each other is always quite refreshing! We always hear stories about how women are too scared to take off their make-up in front of partners, or boys that keep up an act to appear hard, but it appears we are all becoming way more comfortable with each other than one might be led to believe. Although going to the bathroom in front of someone you care about and pimple popping for each other may not be for everyone, openness and being comfortable with a partner is certainly a winning trait in the best relationships!"

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