Couple arguing

Couple arguing

Couples argue at least four times a week over things that don’t really matter in the scheme of things such as washing up and televisions watching.

Something that seems quite mundane and trivial can cause a significant row according to Trade Furniture Company with the more archaic washing the dishes to the modern replacement- emptying the dishwasher.

Another big complaint is the increase in bills for technologies such as mobile phones and internet use.

"Families have argued with each other since the dawn of time," said Managing Director Tony Clark of The, "All that's changed is what they argue about.

"This latest snapshot comes from our conversations with customers, and shows a trend toward modern technology causing fights and quarrels."

Not far behind was television watching, where couples quarrel over their favourite soap or football match. Staying out late and not informing their partner is another big bug bear as this can lead to arguments over the use of their car and not being able to leave the house as a consequence.

Traditionally done by the woman in the house, times are changing and as people become accustomed to the ever changing roles in the household, laundry also provokes an exchange of harsh words.

After a day at work, the drive home and the constant heat that beats down on us all at the moment, making dinner is the last thing either one wants to think about, but it still needs to be cooked. Most importantly, it needs to be decided upon. With the recession, people are having to sacrifice choice and luxury for more basic and repetitive brands which can cause discord in the kitchen.

I came home the other day to our fan having been left on all day while we were both at work and I was not happy. With the pressures of money currently, couples are trying to cut back where they can and leaving on lights or unnecessary appliances can result in a row.

Which leads nicely onto the next problem; money. No one ever has enough and with joint accounts and bills being taken out left, right and centre, extra expenditures have to be accounted for. The haircut and dye, the tickets to see a comedian, the extravagant shopping spree at the supermarket all add up and often people have to be held accountable for their share of the spend.

For those who have pets it’s a real test before having kids, as it is practice for who does the most of their dependent. Whether it is walking the dog, or cleaning out the rabbit, feeding the fish, if one person has to do it the entre them it can try people’s patience.

These factors singly or bundled together can cause an average of four arguments a week!

The Trade Furniture Company thinks that more than one TV and internet can cause a decline in communication and therefore result in crossed words.  Gone are the days when people all collected together around a table to have dinner and talk about their day, most prefer now to grab a quick dinner and eat it off their lap in front of the TV.

"This is a trend reflected in repeated studies by social scientists and major media groups," said Tony Clark. "There are fewer and fewer occasions when families do things together on a regular basis, and even then that might be so-called 'event television' like The X Factor."

The average family lacks a focal point like a dining room table away from technology and other distractions, Clark believes.

"For many families even the traditional evening meal is a fragmented experience with people eating in front of the television and rarely talking.

"No wonder people fall out with each other so readily."


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