Could Facebook Ruin Your Relationship?

Could Facebook Ruin Your Relationship?

In this digital age it’s rare to find someone who isn’t on Facebook or other social networking sites.

Unfortunately, having a Facebook and being in a relationship could end up doing more damage than good.

Not only is it really easy for anyone to contact you, but it’s pretty easy for things to look suspicious to your partner even if it is unintended.

If your ex happens to message you out of the blue on Facebook you’re left questioning what to do. Do you reply to be polite or ignore them?

Ignoring them could look really rude, especially if you ended on good terms, but if you reply you run the risk of your partner finding the messages and questioning you over the nature of them.

To add to this, new research shows that 80 per cent of lawyers now turn to social networks to find evidence for divorce cases.

A staggering two thirds of evidence is found on Facebook alone which could result in some nasty surprises!

Mark Hall, from who conducted the research, said, “Many users aren't entirely familiar with their privacy settings and that's a recipe for disaster. When they think they're having a private conversation, they could be broadcasting it to others.

“Uploading compromising photographs is also hugely dangerous. Evidence of infidelity, drunkenness, drug-taking and other anti-social or illegal activity is routinely posted on Facebook without a care for who might see them in future.”

Mark has given us some simple steps to avoid ruining your relationship through Facebook, enjoy!

- Think before you hit the "publish" button, one unguarded comment could lead to a lifetime of regret.

- Keep friends, family, workmates and other social groups separate on social media sites, what you say to friends could easily be seen by a boss or taken badly by a relative.

- Switch off location services. It may sound furtive, but you don't have to say where you are every minute of the day.

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