First date

First date

Head & Shoulders revealed through research that the modern British man has suffered a dent in confidence with as little as 9% of men saying that they enjoy a first date.It’s no secret that women love a confident man and it is a key attribute when finding a potential partner, someone who can lead the conversation and compliment them without looking at the floor.

The most obvious tip to help with confidence is to just act like you already are, you would think that men are the most self-confident when it comes to dating but in actual fact 1/3 of single men lack confidence on a first date.

Taking care of yourself is clearly a must and will make you instantly feel good and if you feel good then your date will feel good. We aren’t asking you to be the next David Beckham but be happy about what you have got and flaunt it in a fabulous outfit.

Body language is a big advantage, good posture and direct eye contact will certainly impress the ladies. Scrolling through Facebook and Twitter on a date is an absolute no, why hide behind your phone when you have a beautiful woman in front of you? Being confident about what you have to offer will get you that second date.

Showing interest and creating topics of conversation is vital as an inquisitive man is a confident man, you should always be interested in what your date has to say. A rude and cocky man who only talks about himself will forever be single.

Never hold back and don’t be afraid to make a mistake, be confident in the risks you take when on your date. If it doesn’t go as planned then learn from it as it’s not the end of the world.

Having positive influence is always beneficial for having confidence on a date. You are who you surround yourself by; if you lack confidence then surround yourself with confident people.

Be a positive person because if you are negative on a date then there was no point in even turning up. If you want to gain confidence then start having positive outlook on anything you do. This will definitely help with the ladies and set you up for a successful first date.

Get yourself out there online because if you are struggling with confidence then this is a great way to start engaging with the opposite sex.

Almost everyone is on a dating site to find ourselves the perfect date so set yourself up and don’t be scared. A quarter of single men worry that they will be judged on their photos rather than taking the time to get to know them personally but why?

James Preece said: “Whilst these technologies clearly have their advantages in a time poor society they can also make people feel judged in a way that they wouldn’t have been 10 years ago.  Many of my clients worry about how to come across on dating sites as it is often difficult to project your personality in a few lines.  I help them get through this first hurdle and then focus on building their confidence so that when they get that first date their best self can really shine through.”

The Head & Shoulders shot for success

Here are some extra tips from Head and Shoulders to avoid embarrassment when using dating websites.

Selfie Obsessed - Avoid this latest trend!  Taking a shot of yourself or in a mirror can make you look over confident.A natural photo taken by a friend is far more appealing.

Don’t Squinch - Another trend ‘squinching’ is where you narrow your eyes and pout at the camera to appear more photogenic.  Try to steer clear of these fads; a natural, friendly photograph where you are smiling will always be the winne.

Don’t wear hats or sunglasses as they will make you look like you are hiding something.

Don’t have other people in the photo as it can be confusing.

Some dating sites now allow you to upload a huge number of images, but that’s pointless.  This is online dating not Facebook.You only need to have three or four photos

Smarten up - Include one full body professional image of you wearing a suit.  Studies have shown that men with fitted suits rather than casual one are 2.3 times more likely to be checked out and received 3.5 times more emails.

Show your personality- include a photo of an activity or something interesting that will give people a  conversation starter and a reason to contact you.

Using someone’s name when you speak to them is important.  Just like eye contact using someone’s name shows that you are engaged in the conversation with them.

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Lauren Cunningham-

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