Are you the dumpee this Christmas?

Are you the dumpee this Christmas?

Not before a birthday or an anniversary is always the rule to be as kind as you possibly can when breaking up with someone. Apparently a lot of Brits believe that Christmas is the perfect time to drop the bomb according to!

The one saving grace is it’s one less present to buy, but still a little harsh don’t you think?

It could be that Christmas is a notorious time for parties, drinks and opportunities and some don’t want to miss out on that!

Christmas time

It warms the heart to hear that people in a relationship are a little less ruthless with their partners- 57% of men think that Christmas should be spent together as soon as you get into a relationship.

Surprisingly, women are less fussed about spending time as a couple on Christmas Day with only 51% wanting to do so. 10% of both men and women think that a couple of years is a much more acceptable amount of time to start sharing big events like Christmas!

New Year

The expectation for women to spend time with their partners at New Year is also high with 60% wanting to bring in the fresh start with their partners!

Women are again a bit cautious on this point with that two year mark still looming before any big gestures like a New Year's eve party should be made!

When it comes to family, you might presume that spending time with each other’s folks is the worst idea at Christmas. Actually a lot of couples are quite content to do so. A window into another person’s Christmas is quite the eye opener and basis for lots of entertainments and leg pulling!

Presents are an issue too, with 44% thinking that a few dates need to be firmly under the belt before any money is spent on lavish gifts. So if your second date falls over Christmas- don’t hold your breath! 

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