Cheryl Cole’s Tramp Stamp Tattoo: Turn On of Turn Off?

Cheryl Cole’s Tramp Stamp Tattoo: Turn On of Turn Off?

She’s not shy when it comes to getting tattoos as Cheryl Cole has quite a number of them already but she has now revealed her latest one and it’s given the nation quite a surprise!

The singer has had two massive roses tattooed across her back and revealed them on the first night of the Girls Aloud tour last night.

The tattoo has turned into quite the talking point and many have slated it because of it looking cheap, labelling it a ‘tramp stamp’.

Although tattoos are increasingly popular, especially among celebrities, will Cheryl gain any admirers for her new tattoo?

Well, research from found that 85 per cent of men see women with tattoos as more promiscuous!

So it seems that Cheryl is doing herself no favours when it comes to promiscuity levels, nor when it comes to attraction levels.

Over half of men are turned off by heavily tattooed women and with Cheryl having quite a number of garish ones, she may well fit into that category.

Unsurprisingly, when the tables are turned there is a very different view of tattoos.

Nearly all of the women surveyed thought that men who had tattoos were much more fun than men that didn’t.

And over 75 per cent of women thought that men with tattoos were a massive turn on, leaving only a quarter of women to think that men who were heavily tattooed were a turn off.

So, sorry Cheryl but if we were you we’d step away from the ink pots and needle right now and maybe consider laser surgery? Just a thought!

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