Cheryl Cole's new bum

Cheryl Cole's new bum

So, it’s all over the news, Cheryl Cole has got a new tattoo which takes over her entire behind, with roses. What are your thoughts, do you think it’s attractive, or would it put you off dating her despite her sexy accent and beautiful facial features?


The Girls Aloud singer now has flowers for buttocks and once the California based tattoo artist Nikko Hutado put a picture on Instagram there were instant lovers and haters of her new body art. Many people thought that she should not have disguised her perfect bottom with anything.


Cheryl hit back: “People are entitled to their own opinion. Personally I’ve never really concerned myself with other people’s body parts. I’ve had it for seven-eight months but only just had it detailed. I can pretty much safely say I’m now done!”


A number of stars have gone down the tattoo route, with Harry Styles having an assortment including a butterfly on his tummy; Justin Bieber has an American Indian on his shoulder. A little more unusual Amanda Seyfried has the word m**ge tattooed on her foot and Jennifer Aniston chose to have the name of her late dog, Norman on the inside of her foot. David Beckham boasts 32 tattoos in total on his body.


Beckham argues that all of his tattoos have a meaning, however why does the nation look more positively on his rather than Cheryl’s? decided to ask its members what their thoughts were on dating women's with a tattoo.


77% said that men with strange tattoos are more fun and shows that they have a creative side and would therefore be more interesting on a date than those who don’t (47%).


However a huge 79% were also turned off by tattoos, with 18% saying that it would even put them off marrying them if everything else fell into place. 


63% of men thought that signs and sayings that had meaning to the owner were the most attractive tattoo on a woman.


74% of women thought that half naked tattoos of women were vulgar and 88% said that tattoos of rock bands, weapons and skulls would mean that they would not give them a second chance.


Often tattoos of this ilk can be associated with rebellion and a harder side to man, indicating that he has perhaps had a more tainted past than a man with a blank canvas for a body.


45% of males believe that tattoos on women were synonymous with promiscuity.


57% of men were in agreement with the fairer sex and said that subtle tattoos with meaning are most attractive on a woman.


69% said that tattoos with obvious meanings and designs were not attractive but tacky on a women’s body.


52% of men thought that ankle or tummy tattoos are the most attractive for a woman to have, whereas 48% thought that large ones made the women look more masculine.


In France, men believe that a tattoo is a ‘tramp stamp’ and directly related to how easy they are to get into bed. Men believed in the beach study that they were more likely to pull if their potential date has a tattoo than if not.


The girls in the office are not overly picky in the tattoo department as long as it is not on the face. All of the girls were in agreement that Cheryl's tattoo was a little too far and that she is beautiful without the art.


In terms of tattoos on women most were in agreement that it depends on the person. Some women have got it right and suit their choice of ink, and would suit a tattoo whatever their choice (within reason), however some have taken it to the extreme.





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