We take a look at ten cheesy things couples do or say to one another that make the rest of us want to barf.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Gush over Facebook- When some loved up person posts how great their relationship is, what their partner has recently done for them or enters into a monologue about how good it is to have a partner. You wouldn't need to brag if your relationship was as good as you are making out- it looks like you are compensating. If you are deliriously happy, surely the only two people who need to know is you and your SO.

Take pictures of gifts- Couples exchange gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and sometimes when they are feeling generous- it kind of goes with the territory. Unless you are planning to exchange the gift and want to remember it- why do you need to take a picture of it for Facebook? No one else cares what your partner has bought for you- the only person who should is you.

Post kissing pictures- We know you kiss- every couple does. Well done you if you still manage to steal a smooch every now and again. My guess is, if you post it on Facebook it doesn't happen all that often and you have to take picture evidence for when it does. You know the saying 'it's the quiet ones you have to watch'? Those who aren't posting on Facebook are sucking each other's faces off far more than you are.

Check in on dates- We don't need to know where you're going for your date night. Maybe you want to keep track so you can moan at your partner years down the line that you don't go out anymore. If anything, it heightens your chances of getting robbed. It might have been a great movie, but you will find yourself at the cinema a lot more when your TV's no longer there.

Call each other by nicknames- These are designed for each other not to use in public. If you do use them around your friends and family don't be surprised if people start chucking up around you. 

Post after sex selfies- You may think it's romantic to capture your face post-coitus- the rest of the world thinks it's creepy. The only person who should see your after sex glow is your partner. That's if they don't roll over and fall asleep first. Plus why would you take a picture of yourself with messy hair and a blotchy face? It's not all that flattering.

Post pregnancy shots- Again people procreate- it's what we've been doing for years. Do we really need to see the inside of your uterus to prove you are up the duff? Nope- we believe you. We don't need to see your growing bump or pictures of your kids either- we get it you have a sprog that was planned or not- whatever.

Post holiday snaps- Let's be honest- you post these for no other reason than to make people jealous. 'Oh look I'm off work, it's sunny here, I'm beach body ready, I'm with my fit boyfriend who looks great in swimming shorts, we are having a great time with no responsibilities and lots of food and drink- don't you wish you were me?' There's nothing stopping you from taking pics and looking at them when you get home.

Post food pics- What? You can cook? And so can your partner? How did you ever survive before you met each other? Couples cook for each other- it's kind of how you keep each other alive so you can stay a couple for as long as possible. If you are posting a picture of a meal he made you, clearly he doesn't do it enough and you need to log it in your phone for safe keeping.

Share argument resolution tactics- Every couple argues- how you resolve it is up to you. You’re not a relationship guru and your way probably doesn’t work for the rest of us. You don’t need to pass on your pearls of wisdom on how to reconcile, especially when all you got was a bunch of flowers from your fella to say ‘sorry’.

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