As Richard Gere turns 68 today we take a look at his romances both past and present.

Richard Gere

Richard Gere

Gere married supermodel Cindy Crawford between 1991 and 1995, and wed at the Little Church in the West in Las Vegas. There was a large age gap between the pair, as she was 25 and he was 42 at the time, which was reported to be the main reason for their split. They first met at a barbecue of photographer Herb Ritts in 1987.

Then seven years later, Gere married Bond actress Carey Lowell after bonding over their common support of preserving the practices of Tibetan Buddhism and the culture of Tibet. They got married in a private ceremony at their home in New York with no family, friends or celebrities; only their children.

The couple have a son together, Homer James Jigme Gere, born in February 2000. His names were those of Gere and Lowell’s fathers. During their years as a couple, they became co-owners of Bedford Post Inn in New York. It has 8 rooms, 22 restaurants, a yoga studio and a mediation centre.

The pair separated after 11 years of being married and seven years of dating, because of their lifestyle differences and have made plans to get divorced. The couple had been living apart since September 2013; Gere in Bedford, New York and Lowell in North Haven, New York on Long Island. (Wikipedia)

The last time the couple were seen together was in January at the Golden Globes.  

The divorce was settled in October 2016. 

In early April 2018, he married Spanish activist Alejandra Silva.

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