Eat pie at home- This has to be the easiest and the most satisfying one- you get half a pie each- what could be better? Or if you don't like the same flavours- one each! Bring on the cream- it's up to you if it's iced, pouring or squirty!

Eat pie- of course!

Eat pie- of course!

Go out for pie- Find a local eatery that serves really good pie, eat your evening meal and go for dessert afterwards- why not- it's Monday everyone needs a little pie to cheer themselves up. You could skip your evening meal altogether or go for the savoury option. The world is your pie.

Have a pie eating contest- Rather than eating alone at your own pace, why not get one each and challenge each other to who can devour theirs the fastest. The prize is entirely up to you.

Make pie- Get in everything you need and set to and make a pie together. You could make something totally inedible- but you might just make something worth eating afterwards.

Watch The Life of Pi- There's nothing many couples like to do more than watch a good movie together and what better than an Academy award winning film?!

Watch American Pie- If you want something less serious to watch, then perhaps a classic comedy might do the trick, or even the sequels if you're feeling a movie marathon coming on.

Buy a pie baking book and get creative- Even if you just use the day to prepare which pie you want to make first- it will give you something to look forward to at the weekend or towards the end of the week.

Play Pie Face- One of the most popular Christmas gifts in 2015, load it up with whipped cream goodness and slap it in each other's faces- what better way to spend a school night!?

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