Life Coach and Dating Expert Brooke Lewis walks us through dating in autumn, getting over that summer fling and preparing for Christmas party romances.

Brooke Lewis

Brooke Lewis

For as long as I can remember, fall has been one of my favorite seasons. I do not know if it is because I am a September, Virgo baby, or because Halloween is approaching or because it sort of feels like a new year is coming. I do know that fall is a time to say farewell to the warm, carefree, lazy summer and set new goals and dream new dreams. As women, we owe it to ourselves to be happy and fulfilled at every season, but there is something "autumn-licious" about "fall-ing for dating" this time of year!

Moving from summer fling to falling 

As a Dating Coach and Expert, and a single woman myself, I know how much fun a summer dating fling can be! Summer is notorious for taking a holiday or vacation, weekend parties in the warm weather and being quite the social time all around. In general, we are more footloose and fancy free and that can lead to us Ladies kicking off our Louboutins in a sexy stranger's direction! All you readers who took that Paris getaway and ended up drinking too many bottles of that fabulous Bordeaux with that handsome stranger at the café know what I am talking about. And, some of you spent the summer at your cottage by the lake kissing the new neighbor under the stars. The challenge here is that summer flings tend to "fall"short of reality and expectations. Each person returns to his/her "real" life, work and routine and the seductive, spontaneous summer spark simmers down. And, if long-distance dating is involved, there is a whole other set of challenges that follows. This is the reason fall is a fantastic time to get serious about dating and seeking a real relationship. As the fall breeze blows, dating and love flows!

Fall is a time for structure, scheduling and dating 

September comes and you single gals are back to the work grind, while you single Mums are busy getting the kids off to school. Time is precious and a schedule must be put back into place. This is the time when we set our career goals, get back to the gym or yoga and powerfully choose what we do with our little free time. I tell clients and friends that this is the perfect time of year to get back to (or try!) online dating and make sure to schedule in fun date nights for yourself after a long work week or chauffeuring the kids around! I am a big proponent of happy hour dates! They are easy to plan and get to right from the office, can be a simple two hours of cocktails and fun and are perfect for a blind date or first time meeting an online date. It is easy to get caught up in work and the kids, but remember to take a few hours and allow someone to pamper you once a week (or more ;).

The holidays are coming- the holidays are coming! 

Ladies, we have all been single at times and coupled at times for the holidays and, for the most part, it is twice the fun to be dating someone at the holiday season (Except for the year I broke up with an Ex, took myself to Cabo for 5 days and made-out with the hottest British man who could have been Hugh Grant's long lost brother! Okay, that is for another article! ;). Fall is the time to get that energy flowing to attract that sexy suitor to dress as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton for Halloween, give thanks with at Thanksgiving, exchange gifts with at Christmas time and toast to on New Year's Eve! And, this does not happen overnight, so you've got work to do! Dating truly does take work and commitment and finding the right partner can be challenging, but if you get very clear on whom you seek, set your goal, put yourself out there and open your heart, I have a strong feeling your next summer may be sizzling with your significant other!

Lovely Ladies, a New Year's "cheers" to you and dating in September!

- Board Certified Life Coach and Dating Expert Brooke Lewis

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