Let's imagine for a second that James Bond was the settling down type- of all the women he has romanticised over the years- who is the most compatible? According to eHarmony.co.uk- Natalya Simonova in Goldeneye, played by Izabella Scorupco is Bond's best match.

Natalya Simonova

Natalya Simonova

As an expert on everything Bond, Brian Pendreigh conducted psychological profiles on all of the bond girls dating back to 1962 and one for the man himself. Each profile was then scored on the 29 dimensions of compatibility required for a successful long term relationship. This includes emotional temperament, social style, values and beliefs and sense of humour.

Simonova was ranked first because of her ability to calm Bond down in sticky situations and because she was ok to let Bond take control. These are both imperative when dealing with the hectic lifestyle that Bond leads. She's also warm and caring which compliments 007's often cold demeanour. These are necessary qualities for bonding with Bond.

Below we see who nearly made it to the top to celebrate the release of Spectre this week.

Plenty O'Toole- Diamonds are Forever

Anya Amasova- The Spy Who Loved Me

Kara Milvoy- The Living Daylights

Solitaire- Live and Let Die

Eve Moneypenny

Tatiana Romanova- From Russia With Love

Dr Holly Goodhead- Moonraker

Vesper Lynd- Casino Royale

Jinx Johnson- Die Another Day


Honey Ryder- Dr. No

Wai Lin- Tomorrow Never Dies

Pussy Galore- Goldfinger

Tracy de Vincenzo- On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Film critic, author and Bond expert Brian Pendreigh commented on the findings: "I think people will be quite surprised that Natalya came out as 007's perfect match well ahead of a number of iconic Bond girls like Honey Ryder or Tracy. Though Natalya wasn't one of the most famous Bond girls, she is smart, her heart is in the right place, and she would probably exert a calming influence on him - which is more than I can say the for second placed Plenty O'Toole!"

eHarmony.co.uk expert Jemima Wade added: "Finding someone you click with can be tough, even for the likes of James Bond. That's why eHarmony uses 29 dimensions of compatibility to partner people on the stuff that counts, like your personality traits and values. So, whether you're a secret agent or a Russian Level 2 Computer Programmer at the Space Weapons Control Centre like Natalya, we'll find the right match for you."

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