Relationships can be one of the most fulfilling things you have in your life, but they are often tinged with sadness, pain and regret. Here are just a few times they can be both sweet and bitter- but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

When you share your first kiss- It’s monumental in your relationship and no matter how many kisses you share after this moment, they will never give you the same rush of butterflies in your tummy.

When you have sex for the first time- It’s a pivotal point in your courtship but it fills you with as many bad nerves as it does good.

When you move in together- All the excitement of sharing a space with your lover is counterbalanced with all the niggles that come with sharing a space with your lover.

When you have your first fight- It’s awful and you hate every second but somewhere deep down you feel glad that you’ve survived it, it’s out the way and you can tick it off the list.

When you get engaged- It’s etched in your memory to enjoy any time you wish but you know that you will never be asked that same question ever again.

When you get married- You can’t wait for the day to come around but when it does- it all goes way too fast.

When previously taboo things are no longer- When you partner passes wind in front of you, discusses their bowel movements or throws up in your direct line of sight- you know the romance is most certainly gone but you are secretly flattered that nothing is off limits.

When you go on the holiday of a lifetime- It lives up to all your expectations and gives you memories to cherish until you're grey and old, but you know it will only ever happen just this once.

When you go on your honeymoon- You will of course go on other holidays while you’re married but none will ever have the tag of ‘honeymoon’- nor will you get free stuff on your other travels.

When you can be 100% honest with one another (except for white lies!)- Sure it might surprise you to hear what your lover REALLY thinks and it’s probably difficult to share your genuine feelings with them- but the truth is so important between you that it’s worth the discomfort. 

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