There are countless special moments at Christmastime when you're in a relationship, so here are just a few of our favourites.

Putting up your decorations!

Putting up your decorations!

Decorating the Christmas tree- Where you get to put out all the decorations you've bought while you've been together; the good, the bad and the ugly. There's always one that is passed its best but you can't bear to part with it because it holds too many memories. 

Eating chocolates from an advent calendar- The one and only time of year it's socially acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast. And if you're feeling really adventurous- you can eat yours in bed together.

The Christmas sex- You've both very forgiving at this time of year when the muffin tops jiggle during your special time but you both know the only way to get rid of them is by doing some-ahem- exercise.

Decorating the house with lights- For one reason- and it's not to be festive- it's so you can compete with your neighbours.

The afternoon naps- If the feeling comes over you when the sugar starts to wear off- you can both go for it- you don't need to feel guilty for catching 40 winks- unlike when you're at work.

Building a snowman in the back garden- You need to burn off all the carbs and what better way than building a ball of snow with eyes and a scarf?

Making a Christmas wish list- You've been money conscious all year so it's a lovely treat to be able to ask for things from your partner and it not be considered rude!

Hanging Christmas stockings- To house all the novelty odds and sods you've bought for each other.

The lie ins- You don't have to get up for work and it's glorious- so much so- you take it to the excess and often miss out on the light hours altogether.

Listening to Christmas music- While you're putting up your decorations, while you're cooking or having sex- whatever activity you want some background music for- Christmas songs will always do the trick.

Baking- While you're off- have time and the inclination to make your food from scratch this can be the break you need from watching TV and eating leftover turkey.

Drinking hot chocolate- You never do this at any other time of year but it makes your post work conversations on the run up to Christmas seem so much more special.

Watching Christmas films- You are never stuck for festive viewing as there's always something on to keep your spirits high- long before you've finished work- to make the last few days more bearable.

Going to see a pantomime- It's silly, it's predictable but it's always a curtain raiser for Christmas and you get to leave adult at the door.

Eating a mince pie- For breakfast, for lunch, as a snack- whenever you feel like it- much like chocolate, you can enjoy mince pies at any time of the day from December 1st- it's the rule!

Boxing Day- A day for doing nothing, pleasing no-one and taking a better look at all your gifts. You both know what this day is for. You don't expect anything of your partner and they expect nothing from you.

Seeing the Christmas lights- When you're driving around together on the frosty nights of December, you can compare other people's efforts in the lighting arena to yours.

Spending quality time with each other- It's not often you get a week off together so it's an opportunity to make the most of not having just a few hours in the evening in each other's company.

Putting out mince pies and carrots for Father Christmas and his reindeer- Because you did when you were both little and you don't want to let go of that tradition now you've moved away from your parent's.

Eating candy canes and Christmas tree chocolates- Treats that you pick from the Christmas tree- not the cupboard- the novelty never wears off.

Wearing a Christmas jumper- You have to admit- your partner does look cute in their jumper and it makes you smile every year when they pull it out of hiding.

Getting in bed together on Christmas Eve- You're both adults, yet you're both excited and can't sleep because of all the gifts, eating and laughing that lies ahead.

Playing board games- Once you've watched TV, eaten your weight in Christmas cake and had plenty of afternoon naps- you have to get a bit more creative with your time off together.

Writing and sending Christmas cards to friends- It's a mammoth task but it needs to be done. Plus it's an excuse to throw on some Christmas tunes, eat something festive and drink copious amounts of mulled wine.

Wrapping presents- And have a competition as to who can make theirs look the best.

The heart-warming survey was conducted by Butlin’s, who have curated a series of festive breaks this December to take the stress out of Christmas and help loved ones spend quality time together.

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