What does beer tell you about your partner’s fidelity? Illicit encounters investigates!

Guinness came out on top, as the favourite tipple among men to have in their fridge and it has been proven to benefit health, as well as increase sex drive!

Spokesperson for Illicit encounters Mike Taylor said,

“The results of this study highlights that our members have a taste for quality and the refined. They are not prepared to compromise on basis of price. It is unsurprising that stout, rather than lager or ale, was the top choice - when you consider that Guinness has been brewing for over 240 years. Despite it being perceived as a 'meal in a glass' in some quarters, Guinness in fact, only contains 198 calories per pint, making it less calorific than orange juice or skimmed milk. There is also good news for female members as stout is seen as an aphrodisiac in some countries.”

So there you have it ladies, if Guinness, or second and third choice Corona and Peroni is in his fridge he will not shy away from paying more to get quality, which is always good news for us! It also means he is actually watching his waistline, given that it has less calories than you think. And if it benefits our sex lives; well we can’t deny him of a few pints now and again! ;)

Other beers have been developed to specifically help in the bedroom, such as Murphy’s Oyster beer and also golden oldies like ginger beer should not be overlooked!

Ginger helps increase blood flow and creates a warming effect in the body, the Greek physician Pedanuis Diocordes used to use it as an old school Viagra, (we’re listening!)

Despite the Belgians having a more relaxed attitude to infidelity Stella Artois didn’t make the top five, which is a good sign for us midnight fridge snoopers!

The study revealed that those who are cheating drink less beer than those who are in committed relationship; because they need to stay reasonably sober so they don’t look a complete mess when on the pull! So if your man has a few stashed in the fridge, be safe in the knowledge that he only has eyes for you!


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