Today is Bathtub Party Day, so we take a look at the benefits of taking a long soak with your significant other. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Relaxation- After a hard day's work- nothing will relieve the pressure and stress like slipping into some bubbles with each other. Then simply wash all those worries down the plughole when you're done.

Time to talk- Once you get settled in your positions- whether that's leaning against each other Pretty Woman style or facing each other in a Monica and Chandler-esque way there's nothing to do but talk. About anything and everything you want. If the water goes cold just give it a top up.

It's cheap and cheerful- All you need is some water, some candles and an inexpensive bubble bath and you have your date night down.

It gets you away from digital devices- If you are both suckers for playing on your I phones and I pads or watching TV instead of spending quality time together, this gives you a rest from all of those distractions.

Touch- Lying in a warm pool of water while you're both naked might encourage a wandering hand or two. If you've negelected your sex life recently, this could be the perfect time to get it back on track.

It will make you both sleepy- If you're struggling with your normal sleeping routine, then this will slow things down and encourage you to have an early night. The sooner your bodies can succumb to a healthier rhythm, the better.

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