Today is National Barbie and Barney Backlash Day so we thought we would have a look at some of the things Barbie and Ken can teach us about the art of love.

To smile!

To smile!


Barbie and Ken can’t talk, but sometimes saying nothing can speak a thousand words in relationships. At times, you simply need your partner to be near you and that’s enough. A cuddle can go a long way or a small gesture can do wonders.  You know yourself that a cup of tea, a hug, or some quiet time is all your lover needs to show them you’ve got their back. You can also tell how much your partner is attracted to you by just one look. 


Barbie and Ken always look great. Making an effort shows that that you still care about your own health, appearance and confidence. If you feel good about yourself, then this will filter through into your relationship. This positive attitude towards taking care of yourself can rub off on your partner and vice versa- because you want to be with each other for as long as you can- right?


Barbie and Ken always have a smile on her face. It’s important to still find reasons to laugh in your relationship so if you can smile a genuine smile when your lover is around, then you know you’re in a good place and with the right person. Whatever happens during your time together- find a reason to smile.


Barbie is a name we all recognise, whatever age we are. She has Ken- sure- but we all know who she is with or without her partner.

When you are with someone romantically, it’s important to have your own identity and ability to go off and do things on your own, without being under the shadow of your significant other.  

Positive Body Language 

Barbie has open arms that say- ‘come here and give me a hug!’ Welcoming body language makes your partner comfortable when they’re around you and shows that you are approachable. Folded arms or hands on hips can come off as aggressive or guarded so be mindful of the non-verbal cues you’re giving off when you’re with your partner. Especially when they really need you to be emotionally available.  

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