There are many potentially awkward situations in the early stages of a relationship- however if you are meant to be together you can navigate around these with expert precision. Here are just a few examples to celebrate National Awkward Moments Day. 

Telling them you love them when they ask- 'are we ok?'

Telling them you love them when they ask- 'are we ok?'

The 'are we ok?' conversation- Potentially awkward but if he is open and honest and tells you how much he loves you- that's all the confirmation you need. If he ends it with a sickeningly sweet compliment you can laugh and leave the conversation alone with ease.

Jealousy- This could cause all sorts of bad feeling but it's great when your partner is ok with you talking to other hot men because he trusts you and knows you will be coming home with him every time. Agreeing with you that a guy is hot and cool just makes this a seamless process. Plus, you think your partner is the hottest guy around so it doesn't matter who else you talk to, meet or see- you only have eyes for him. 

Suspicious Texts- Another source of uneasiness but can be easily deflected with the- 'who else would put up with your s**t?' joke, which is a fair comment. You are in that place where you can joke about having other partners. Your stories about them are so outlandish that you just laugh about them as opposed to obsessing over the details of where they fit in your lover's life and why they are texting. 

Running into an ex- It might fill some with dread but when you're in a healthy relationship you can introduce them to your partner, hug or shake hands, be polite and walk away- simple. Most people have exes- it's not unheard of so the chances of bumping into one are quite high if you all live in the same place. You've moved on- you're happy- it's no big deal, you're all adults now. 

Bad Days- Your partner could run a mile or freak out, but instead, they offer lots of reassurance, help you to laugh at yourself once you have calmed down……and provide you with copious amounts of ice cream.

Family Pressure- Could drive a wedge between families and partners but any healthy couple can brush off tricky questions with diversions- it's all about the diversions. 'Oh look there's a buffet!' They are total pros. 

Supporting your single friends- You could be all lovey-dovey and make your friends feel like a third wheel but in stable relationships you can be casual about your partnership around them and let them join in on your banter while you poke fun at each other.

Differing tastes- You could end up in a heated debate over what to watch OR you could pretend that you have already watched the latest episode of the boxset you are ploughing through and tell them it's terrible. Always a winner.

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