Tom Cruise, born 3 July 1962 in Syracuse/NY, USA at 03:06 pm (unverified)

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has been one of film industry's most reliable leading forces for the past 30 years. The golden boy is right up there amongst Hollywood's highest paid actors, but have you ever wondered what lies beyond that brilliant smile?

Tom's sun is in caring, family-oriented Cancer and boasts fabulous links to both Neptune and Jupiter, which gives him a highly sensitive and emotionally quite fragile nature. His core personality is really kind, generous and helpful. There's a lot of confidence and the promise of success thanks to Jupiter, the planet of fortune. Surrendering fully to his feelings, trusting them and then acting out of conviction seems an easy thing to do for the hunk. On the other hand, he can be quite a needy and moody type of guy! Neptune rules spirituality and Jupiter rules religion and faith, so these are definitely topics that matter to Tom, who is Scientology's most famous figurehead. The placement of the mega star's sun indicates a search for spiritual identity through studying and comparing various ideologies. While Jupiter deepens his interest in travel and foreign cultures (in Japan they actually have a "Tom Cruise day" because he's visited the country so often!), Pluto contributes willpower and a considerable need for control.

Now let's have a look at Tom's love life and relationships: As a sharp contrast to the soft and yielding water element in his chart, his love planets Moon and Venus are both in fiery, romantic Leo. This energy comes with a proud "this is about me" attitude, so he just loves to feel admired and coveted by others. His own needs and emotions are being pushed into the centre of his attention. He can be quite the drama queen when it comes to matters of the heart: When he's in love, he's literally "on fire"! Tom makes a point expressing his affections very passionately and it seems too hard for him to tone down his excitement. Just think back to those over the top love confessions for his then girlfriend Katie Holmes, which wasn't helped by Katie's Moon also sitting in Leo! Leo is a dominant influence here, especially in terms of Tom's career and public image.

His new action movie, the fifth in his "Mission: Impossible" series, is hitting the theatres now, and you can't help but notice how he doesn't seem to age at all. So does he still have it? Yes, you bet. Jupiter's current position hints at the film becoming another big hit and shows huge potential for success in Tom's stars. But there is a challenge to come up with something entirely new and surprising at one point. We hope that this task won't turn out to be a mission impossible!

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