Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth, born 02 January 1983 at 5:55 pm, Van Nuys/CA, USA

Ever since her breakthrough role as a surfer girl in “Blue Crush”, Kate Bosworth has been a subtle but constant presence in the film business. The “Superman returns” star has steadily followed her ambitions and carefully chosen quality roles that actually meant something important to her instead of going for big budget projects only. All of this is rather typical of her sun sign Capricorn, which strives to be authentic and real and is also very measured and down to earth. Consequently, especially judging by the position of her sun, Kate isn’t keen at all on engaging in the usual antics and fakeness of Tinseltown. However, she’s far from being a bad sport, as Mars and Mercury in Aquarius make her yearn for exciting activity. And there’s simply too much to explore to be idle for long!

Capricorn girls are often regarded as the prototype of a career woman, because they are so self-dependent, determined and like to be in charge. Interestingly, Kate’s Ascendant is in Cancer, the sign which lies opposite Capricorn. This gives her a very sweet, soft, and feminine appearance, as opposed to the ambitious and more robust nature of her core being. It makes her both very sensitive and sensible at the same time. Cancer rules emotions and matters of family, home, and heritage, so this influence brings her deeply in touch with her feelings and soul essence. The actress, who became a step-mum following her marriage to US director Michael Polish, needs to find her identity and learn who she truly is.

Looking at her Moon sitting in smart, analytical Virgo and adding even more of those earthy vibes to her Capricorn sun, the actress is well organized and can be happy and content with just the simple things. While the connection of the Moon and Saturn enhances the serious side of her personality, her chart shows that she’s generally really grounded and stable. She can be quite protective of herself, loved ones and her family. She values other people’s needs as much as her own and probably has something like the 6th sense going on when it comes to figuring those out! The position of Kate’s Venus in Cap suggests that finding true love is a priority for her. Although she’d never give her heart away easily, when she does so she’s most likely in it for the long term. Her way to connect with others is genuinely unassuming and intent on treating people respectfully. There’s a strong link between her relationships and the emotional realm in her chart, which can make her feel drawn to others quickly. Her amazing ability to recognize herself in others helps to create a strong bond in the blink of an eye: When she first met her husband it even felt to her like she already knew him!

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