Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow, born 20 January 1971, Frodsham/ Cheshire, UK at 12.20 pm

He’s called the “captain” of Britain’s biggest man band, and Gary Barlow admits that he rather likes the title. Fittingly, the Take That leader’s sun sign, sensible and responsible Capricorn, is indeed concerned with hierarchy! Saturn rules this sign of career and success, and its signature written all over the musician’s chart made him one of Britain’s most successful songwriters: Six Ivor Novellos say it all! The planet’s formidable influence lends the 44- year-old incredible discipline and determination and urges him to work hard. Gary knows perfectly well how to hold his ground and keep a stiff upper lip, but as cool as he may often seem, his aspirations are clearly sky-high and if he fails to reach one of his ambitious goals he is prone to lose his confidence and can get quite depressed.

The singer owes his calm, charming appearance (a bit reserved though due to Saturn’s impact) to his good-natured Taurus Ascendant. This also means artistic talent, a fondness of tradition and – indulgence! Gary’s love of delicious food is no secret, and given Taurus’ tendency to be a bit greedy sometimes and hoard stuff, maybe one major life lesson is to cut down on things and keep only what is needed. In order to develop his sense of value, issues relating to money and possessions are likely to pop up frequently. Earthy Taurus and Capricorn have a strong grounding effect and explain why the former X Factor judge is so good at staying relevant in the public eye – “Keep calm and carry on” could have been invented by the captain himself! Gary’s challenge is to be a bit more open and flexible, but the placement of Venus in cheeky, laid-back Sagittarius shows he can pull it off. This far less serious side of him recently emerged when he had some fun on twitter and told fans he was happy to sing at someone’s wedding!

On the outside he’s perfectly composed, whereas in terms of emotions Gary’s Moon in complex Scorpio reveals deep, passionate feelings and strong desires. When he wants something he won’t tire until he gets it, even if he has to make sacrifices! The pop star has been married for 15 years and would never shy away from an intimate, intense relationship, because that’s the way he likes it. His songwriting talent is literally engraved in his chart, with a wonderful Moon- Mercury link giving him the ability to put his emotions into words and express them beautifully. Despite Take That now being reduced to a three-piece, their new album is topping the charts and it looks like Gary has little to worry about: Pluto will continue its most powerful alliance with Saturn in the next few years!

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