Beyoncé Knowles, born 4 September 1981, Houston/Texas/ USA at 4.37 am)

One glance at Beyoncé’s chart lets you know that she’s a perfectionist at heart – born under the sign of Virgo, enviable virtues such as diligence and attention to detail come to her completely naturally. Being impeccably organized at all times is probably the least you can expect her to aim for, especially with her Moon sitting in determined Scorpio. This combination lets her leave nothing to chance and gives her no rest until things are sorted 100% to her satisfaction. This is especially true when it comes to performing, owing to the connection of her Sun in Virgo with her majestic, show-and-stage-loving Leo Ascendant.

The 33-year old has very specific and tangible ideas of what she wants and how things should go off. She loves planning ahead and taking control, in particular concerning her private and family life where she’s also fiercely protective. This to her is an important emotional need, as is getting down to the bottom of things and touch upon topics that others would rather not know about! And although her chart suggests she is a master at creating the perfect, spellbinding illusion with the way she talks and presents herself, Beyoncé Knowles is surely all about the real thing. Following values matters to her, and being truthful and outspoken is one of them. She is also very much aware of the material aspects of life. There is a rather sceptical side to her personality, which, once having gained the upper hand, can prompt her to double (or triple) check everything!

A powerful Libra influence turns the ex Destiny’s Child into a queen of social networking: She’s a diplomat who knows how to charm people to get her way, and to forge useful contacts. And what is it that makes her so incredibly sexy and seductive? This is where namely Pluto and Neptune join the game, lending her an irresistible, feminine quality and magnetic attraction. The placement of Beyoncé’s Venus reveals that the sexy singer is likely to be just a bit fanatic and obsessive about something or someone every now and then. This is also where she gets her natural grace from, and what’s more, the soul goddess possesses a distinct sense of beauty and style. Her taste can be daring at times, but it’s still highly aesthetic and pleasing to the eye! She’s a passionate person who needs to feel very deeply, with ups and downs and a fair bit of drama. Her emotional intensity calls for an equally committed partner, and once she’s chosen her „significant other“, she isn’t likely to change her mind easily. In this respect, she and hubby Jay-Z are pretty much on the same page, and he’s passionate too!

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