Born 19 July 1976 in London/GB at 12:00 pm

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch's star has been rising steadily for quite a while thanks to his roles in the TV hit series Sherlock and as Smaug the dragon in the Hobbit movies. Now, while Smaug undoubtedly has a pretty mean streak, the actor's sun in sweet, sensitive Cancer supported by generous, well-meaning Jupiter doesn't show any such tendencies. Its position indicates that rather than hiding in a shell for protection like the crab often tends to do, Benedict doesn't shy away from public exposure although he may feel uncomfortable at times. It seems he quite fancies coming up to the front, but when he's immersed in his work, you cannot expect him to be very approachable at all. He needs input and stimulation from others in order to move forward, but he's very efficient and has no love for time-wasters! His chart also reveals that he's possibly struggling to compromise between his career ambitions on one hand and the calm and peace he gains from interacting with other people and loved ones.

His Libra Ascendant gives the popular British actor a pleasant, charming and sociable nature. He can make friends easily, and his main motivation in life is building bridges to others by being able to create balance and harmony and to find common ground. But although his Venus sits in confident and "show-offy" Leo, strict and cautious Saturn is interfering which means that this glamorous side of his will likely be kept in check most of the time. He certainly has an air of authority about him and can come across as quite the reserved diplomat. When it comes to love and commitment, Benedict is absolutely serious about the passion and affection he puts into his relationships. Stability, sincerity and honesty are his key values, so any careless investment is out of the question!

Owing to his Moon in spontaneous Aries, he's certainly much more daring and assertive than you would expect of a shy Cancer - and probably a lot less quiet! Mercury's placement indicates that he's capable of thinking outside the box and has quite an impatient urge to voice his thoughts. When he's not okay with something, he'll let you know for sure! Benedict is a soft guy in his core, but Pluto, which rules crime and drama, contributes depth and a power that may potentially turn into something darker… It most definitely comes in handy for the Sherlock star's detective work. And while his impressive performance in The Imitation Game, a tragic and dramatic biopic, earned him his first Oscar nomination, his play Hamlet opening this week means more drama coming up! personal profiles/readings available! ->

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