One of the best feelings in the world is being in love. From stepping out of bed to commuting to work, everything seems to run smoothly; you are less irritated, the weather isn’t a bother, the food tastes more appetizing. If you don’t believe me think back to a time when you were in love. Hold that feeling for a full, deep breath and when you breathe out, what do you observe?

Love is one of the most sought after energies.

Love is one of the most sought after energies.

Now, for those of you who may not currently be in a relationship, stick with this… before you slump into a nonchalant shrug, snap back into that brief moment where you felt love. It doesn’t matter with whom or what, more so the feeling you felt, that feeling that excited you to go to work, to create, explore… that is the feeling that keeps you young.

Love is one of the most sought after energies. It lifts our spirits, sparks ideas and ultimately brings us closer. So why is it that we find ourselves disconnected, hurt, unable to articulate how we feel without projecting hurt, or worse, we walk out and stay silent? Well, when we allow our mind to take over, we become limited. We start to fear looking stupid or being rejected. We project past experiences into the future. But 50% of the time the problem only exists in our head!

So what’s the solution? Instead of thinking with your mind, think with your heart. A heart that has the courage to stay open, even when in the darkest or loneliest of moments, allows the light to enter, and by light, I simply mean the bigger picture as to why you are experiencing that current moment. It’s when we have the courage to go within, to stay with the pain, only then will we hear the undercurrent to our challenges. And the new perspective that comes with this wisdom can be a total game changer!

Here’s another thought… when we are in love we feel elated and open; so open that we perhaps share our deepest dreams and desires. Why limit that to just an intimate partner? Just imagine how different life would be if we also connected with friends and family in the same manner. No being in the head, second guessing their behaviour. No holding on to grudges. Just a kind, forgiving, and so simpler connection, that raises the bar on your quality of life! Have fun like you used to! Feel the freedom you had when you were a child!

So, how about for this week you move forward with your heart? Yes, it may seem cheesy or silly at first. You will come to observe just how much ‘protective’ mental chatter rises up as you talk yourself into trying this. Thinking with the heart can seem scary, yet it provides many healing solutions. The amount you can achieve just depends on your level of courage and how much you value the feeling you’re working towards!

If the feeling of love is something you’ve cherished, ask yourself what’s stopping you? Think with your heart. Feel the joy of youth. Be in love with your life!

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