Women Like A Nice Smile On Their Man

Women Like A Nice Smile On Their Man

British women named a simple smile as the thing which makes men most irresistible.

A heart-warming or flirtatious grin topped the list, beating lingering eye contact and a man’s strong arms to claim the title in a survey into what makes people irresistible, commissioned by number one popcorn brand Butterkist.

The survey found the key to men being irresistible is not having the keys to a flash car, being arrogant or having a waxed chest but instead sporting an unshaven look, with traditional family values and emotional intelligence.

Blokes, however, were slightly less cultured in their views picking a great body as the number one thing they look out for, followed by a Kelly Brook cleavage, sense of humour and smile.

Women also named funny guys like Ricky Gervais and family men like Peter Andre among their favourites, as well as those who are thoughtful and boast Stephen Fry’s intelligence.

Other things to make the ladies’ top 20 include a man with a toned body and David Beckham physique, who is passionate and good with kids.

But oddly girls find men who do the washing up (21 per cent) more irresistible than a man with a Brad Pitt-like chiselled jaw (nine per cent).

A spokesperson for the UK’s number one popcorn brand, Butterkist said: We wanted to get under the skin of what it is that makes someone actually ‘irresistible’, rather than just attractive.

"What we found is that it’s a rare combination of things, both mental and physical and often very simple, that, every now and again, fall into place and make our knees go weak.

"What we can all take from the survey results is that people should seize the moment if they are lucky enough to find someone irresistible as it doesn’t happen very often. On the back of the results we’ve launched The Butterkist Guide to Being Irresistible, to help people develop that all important X-factor."

The top 20 list of things which make the opposite sex irresistible included physical, behavioural and emotional factors. Other key findings from the study included:

* Brits on average see someone they quite fancy at least twice a day, but meeting someone irresistible is a rarer occurrence just twice in their lifetime.

* But one in 10 claim to have NEVER met someone they couldn’t take their eyes off.

* And while 43 per cent of men said they only find women irresistible for a day or two and tend to move on after a week, six in 10 women hold onto the feeling for much longer.

* The 'Girl Next Door' look, a mischievous nature and being good with money ranked in the top 20 ways to seduce men.

* And ladette behaviour like girls drinking pints and understanding the offside rule don’t seem to bother blokes with those irresistible factors failing to make their top 20 list.

* Three in 10 have left or cheated on someone because they couldn’t resist someone else.

* The bar or pub (40 per cent), parties (32 per cent) and the work place (29 per cent) emerged as the hotspots to meet someone you couldn’t say ‘no’ to.

* Brits aren’t able to keep a lid on their feelings one in five make any excuse to spend as much time with the man or woman of their dreams and one in 10 stare at them inappropriately. One in six go bright red, and can’t help but flirt outrageously, while a ballsy one in 20 even tell them what they think of them.

Top 20 things women find irresistible in a man

1. His smile
2. Funny
3. Thoughtful
4. Generous, but not a show off
5. Intelligence (emotional & mental)
6. Both his arms around me
7. The ability to laugh at themselves
8. A cheeky, naughty side
9. Loves family (his own and mine)
10. A toned body
11. Attentiveness
12. Holding eye contact a little too long
13. Passionate
14. Strong forearms
15. Being good with kids / holding a baby
16. Positive
17. Look good in a suit
18. Confidence
19. Broad shoulders
20. Stubble

Top 20 things men find irresistible in a woman

1. Great body
2. Cleavage
3. Sense of humour
4. Great smile
5. The ability to make me laugh
6. Stockings and Suspenders
7. Their cute giggle
8. Their smell
9. The ability to laugh at themselves
10. Reliable
11. Short skirts
12. Knee high boots
13. The Girl Next Door look
14. Mischievous nature and quite daring
15. Long legs
16. Optimistic
17. Good listener
18. Intellectual conversation
19. Gazing eyes
20. Good with money

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