One Direction’s Zayn has succumbed to tattoo appeal and has had a microphone inked onto his arm. David Beckham has his fair share and is one of the most attractive men in the world. So it’s no surprise that women love a tattooed man, but when it’s reversed the majority of men say it’s a huge turn off.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

A survey by showed that the majority of women are attracted to men that have tattoos, but men find it to be a turn off.

So what is it about men with tattoos? Is it that they are considered ‘bad’ and ‘rebellious’? Apparently not.

The survey found that a massive 97 per cent of women think that men who have tattoos are more fun than your average Joe.

Seventy six per cent of women said that they are more attracted to men who have inked their skin, leaving 24 per cent to be turned off by heavily tattooed men.

Quite shockingly, 85 per cent of men said that if a woman has tattoos then they would see them as promiscuous.

Needless to say, 58 per cent of men said that they would be turned off by a heavily tattooed woman.

Forty two per cent of men don’t mind that a woman may be considered promiscuous for her tattoos and find tattooed women more attractive than those without.

With the majority of people having at least one tattoo, men need to shun their double standards and learn to love a woman who takes after their own heart!

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