Women Know if Date is a Potential Partner Within 90 Seconds

Women Know if Date is a Potential Partner Within 90 Seconds

It’s true, women really do know what they want when it comes to choosing a man as the average British woman knows if her date is a potential partner within 90 seconds of their first date.

Men are more forgiving and give a woman 5 minutes to impress them before they make the decision as to whether they’ll be seeing them again.

Dating site, datewithamate.com, surveyed over 2,000 singles from across Britain, all of which had gone on at least one date this year.

They found that woman knew whether they would be seeing their date again after one and a half minutes, proving that males are the more patient sex as they give their date 5 minutes to impress.

What men and women look for in a date, however, is completely different. For women, personality was the main factor with 41 per cent saying this was the main reason they would choose to go on a second date.

Only 28 per cent of men said that personality was the deciding factor, with a massive 52 per cent saying it was looks that secured a woman a second date with them, compared to 37 per cent of women.

The type of date was also a deciding factor for 51 per cent of women, with men caring more about the company than the activity at 39 per cent.

The dating site wanted to find out what the average number of dates a year was for Brits and the average number came out at a respectable 6.

Over two fifths of the respondents said that they use online dating on a regular basis, but only 24 per cent of respondents said all of their dates were arranged online with 31 per cent saying none.

Luke Pomaro, founder of DateWithaMate.com, said, “I was very surprised to see that the average time a women takes to decide whether they're going to see a first date again is just a minute and a half! It takes a lot of time to build a relationship, so it's important to put in the effort and not write someone off in the first instance.”

“Many people are quick to form opinions, but they're not always right. If it's just a case of thinking someone's not funny enough or their personality isn’t right, they might just be experiencing first date nerves.

“This could also be the same for people who don’t initially feel attracted to their date’s looks, as that could change when finding out more about their personality.

“However, if you do feel uncomfortable or worried about a date, it's always important to trust your instincts and call it quits. The heart usually knows what it wants, and if it doesn’t feel right, then it’s probably not!”

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