Romance is coming atop of women’s priorities as new research has shown that women would like to spend exactly 106 minutes on romance a day.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

This came top of this of what women would choose to spend time on in their perfect day.

Researchers, from the University of Bremen in Germany and the Georgia Institute of Technology in the US wanted to find what a woman’s perfect day would consist of and it appears that less work and more play is the way to go.

Compared to the 106 minutes of romance, women only wanted to spend 36 minutes at work, and 33 minutes commuting.

Most women said their top priorities were romance and being on the internet which garnered a further 98 minutes of a woman’s day.

Next up came socialising, which women would ideally like to spend 82 minutes a day doing.

Relaxing would take up a further 78 minutes of the day, followed by 75 minutes of eating and 68 minutes of exercise to burn off the calories.

Before preparing the food for 50 minutes, women wanted to get in 57 minutes of chatting on the phone and 56 minutes of shopping.

All this came after eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, something that women saw essential to taking on the day.

Women did admit that if they could be completely hedonistic they would spend 619 minutes with their partner 103 minutes socialising and 74 minutes relaxing.

They would also completely ditch work and the commuting, and spend only 2 minutes on housework and with the kids.

The researchers said, “Greater wellbeing includes spending a little more time with friends, a lot more time with relatives, and a lot less time with the boss and co-workers.

“A likely, but short-sighted, reaction would be to fully maximise the time spent with intimate relations and minimise the amount of time we spend commuting.

“But the joy we get out of the first hour of shopping is likely to be greater than during the fifth or sixth hour. Another problem is that certain activities are attractive because we do them so rarely.

“Scarcity can therefore be expected to be a central feature of why we enjoy intimate relations more than work.”

The study was featured in Journal of Economic Psychology and concluded that we like variety in our lives, which is why the perfect day would include so many activites.