All The Muscle On Show Is Getting Brits Hot Under The Collar

All The Muscle On Show Is Getting Brits Hot Under The Collar

The nation has united over the Olympics and how well Britain are doing so far, but it’s undeniable that we’ve all been having a good ogle at the biceps and abs that are constantly on show.

Even Boris Johnson has gotten a little carried away! When watching the women’s beach volleyball he described the athlete’s as ‘glistening, wet otters’, we’re not sure where he was going with that but we’re guessing he thought they were attractive.

Fifty three per cent of spectators have said that they feel horny and want sex after watching the Olympians compete. also found that 42 per cent of those found the main reasons for their arousal were all the muscle on show as well as the skin tight Lycra that the athletes wear.

Of the men surveyed, 39 per cent of them said they were having longer sex sessions as they didn’t want their sexual prowess to be eclipsed by athletes such as Usain Bolt. CEO Noel Biderman said, “Olympic fever has clearly taken hold in the UK, and the euphoria that is pulsing through the nation is spreading a natural high. It’s a scientific fact that when we feel jubilant, we feel more confident in ourselves and our attractiveness, and consequently are more inclined to seek a sexual encounter.

“Everyone is aware that the Olympic Village is a hot bed of promiscuity, so it comes as no surprise that our data analysis has indicated that 40 of our newest members in London are in fact Olympians. Everyone knows that ‘what happens in the Village, stays in the Village’, and that athletes grant themselves a hall pass when they are competing. After all, there is a standing order of 100,000 condoms per Olympics!

“With many athletes abstaining from intercourse in the build-up to the Games, their sex drives are raging by the time they have competed in their events. Sporting prowess is proven to be interchangeable with sexual prowess, and feelings of invincibility after winning a medal are bound to result in an increased sense of attractiveness, so it’s no surprise that Olympian Ryan Lochte revealed that 70-75% of athletes will have a sexual encounter in the course of London 2012.”

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