Movember Spelled More Sex

Movember Spelled More Sex

A survey revealed that nearly 60 per cent of British women will sleep with a man who has a moustache so it might be worth keeping them throughout the year.

The survey put together a league of famous Mo’s with American TV star Tom Selleck being number one celeb to grow the upper lip warmer gathering 16 per cent of the poll ahead of Keith Lemon with 7 per cent, Hitler with 6 per cent and Jonny Depp at 5.9 per cent.

The research, conducted by the UK's newest entrant to the condom market and number one in Germany, BILLY BOY, surveyed almost 1,000 people in the UK and found that 48 per cent of UK adults find a moustache sexy.

The responses also showed a divide in male and female opinion.  Fifty seven per cent of women would happily sleep with a man with a moustache; however only 44 per cent of men felt their moustache attracted women.

Incredibly, 57 per cent of men missed out on having better and more frequent sex by not even growing a moustache at all! 

Age also played its part; 52 per cent of under 30s men didn't take part in Movember this year and would be missing out on the 59 per cent of under 30s women who are attracted to men with a Mo, showing that the younger generation of women are more attached to the novelty of a moustache.

Only 3 per cent of men surveyed have had their moustache for over five years with 32 per cent only growing their moustache for Movember and 30 per cent preferring to stay clean shaven.

The survey also asked which celebrity the UK would most like to see with a moustache. It was a close call with votes going down to the wire; however in the end Justin Bieber pipped Simon Cowell and James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, to the win.

It seems a fair few feel Bieber can't grow the full Selleck.

Commenting on the research, UK marketing manager and resident Mo grower for BILLY BOY condoms, Chris Clarke said, “We love a bit of Movember at BILLY BOY and the lads here are delighted to see that 60 per cent of UK women like a moustache.  

“Movember is a great event and supports a good cause. We hope it continues going from strength to strength and UK men continue to literally show their support.”

How did Movember go for you? Ladies, do you like a ‘tache? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting us @FemaleFirst_UK


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