It’s a common thought that many of us will never get on with our mother-in-laws but new research says that trying to would be in your best interest, if you’re a man.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

Research from the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research found that men who get on with their in-laws are 20 per cent more likely to avoid divorce.

Unfortunately, if women try to do the same, they’re 20 per cent more likely to get a divorce.

This is thought to be because women don’t appreciate interference. Lead researcher Dr Terri Orbuch said, “Because relationships are so important to women, their identity as a wife and mother is central to their being.

“They interpret what their in-laws say and do as interference into their identity as a spouse and parent.”

For men, it’s advised that they befriend their in-laws because it creates a bond. Dr Orbuch said, “These ties connect the husband to the wife.”

The research took 373 same-race couples and studied them and their marriage over 26 years.

The husbands that made an effort with their in-laws were more likely to stay married, with the wives who tried to make an effort were more likely to get divorced.

All the couples were between the ages of 25 and 37 and in their first year of marriage when the study began in 1986.

From the results, Dr Orbuch said that parents with sons should tread carefully as a daughter-in-law will be sensitive to their interference.

She also suggested that wives should mark the boundaries by keeping elements of their marriage private.

The advice for husbands? Treat your in-laws as though they are special and important to you.

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