A recent survey has found that a third of graduates have married their university sweethearts.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

It appears that Britain’s students regard university as more than just a place to bag a degree, with 23 per cent of UK couples revealing that they got together at university.

81 per cent of respondents surveyed agreed that university is an ideal place to meet a partner. 54 per cent of British graduates have also experienced a ‘romantic encounter’ with a housemate.

The survey, conducted bytop accommodation finding service www.accommodationforstudents.com (AFS), was conducted to find out just how many people leave uni with more than they bargained for. 

32 per cent of the paired off graduates surveyed went on to marry their university boyfriend or girlfriend.

57 per cent of students enter into a new relationship at university with many of them believing uni’s social aspects and the opportunity to meet like-minded people make it easy to be lucky in love. 21 per cent of those student couples questioned got together with their significant other whilst sharing student accommodation.

The results of the survey indicate that we’re a nation of traditionalists at heart with 60% of university romances borne after the boy plucked up the courage to ask the girl on a date.  Predictably the most common first date activities for students was a trip to the local pub closely followed by a romantic dinner.

Simon Thompson, Managing Director of Accommodationforstudents.com who commissioned the survey, comments: “It’s hardly surprising that so many couples are borne out of university; it’s such a sociable experience. But I’m pleasantly surprised that a third of graduates are now married to their university sweethearts.