Most Singles ‘Social Media Stalk’ Their Date Beforehand

Most Singles ‘Social Media Stalk’ Their Date Beforehand

Social media profiles could be having a bigger impact on single Britons’ love lives than they think, as a new study from an online dating site in the UK has revealed that two thirds of singletons admit to ‘social media stalking’ before agreeing to go on a first date with someone.

The study, conducted by, aimed to discover more about Britons’ online dating habits, and what factors influence their dating decisions. Nearly 2,000 single adults from the UK took part.

Those taking part were asked whether or not they ever checked out a potential date’s social media profiles before agreeing to go on a date with them, to which two thirds, 65 per cent, said ‘yes’.

Out of these, 77 per cent claimed they’d turned down a date with the person in question as they’d seen something on social media profile that they didn’t like.

Those who had been put off by a potential date’s social media profile in the past were asked to state what exactly had put them off, and were able to choose multiple responses.

According to the results, the top five social media turn-offs were as follows:

1) Dislike profile picture- 41 per cent

2) Lack of humour – 38 per cent

3) Aggressive online behaviour- 31 per cent

4) Flirting with others via profile- 25 per cent

5) Over-sharing- 21 per cent

When asked whether or not they’d ever done a general internet search for more information on a potential date before agreeing to a meet, just under half, 47 per cent, said ‘yes’.

Out of these, the majority, 61 per cent, claimed that they were most concerned about finding whether or not their potential date had anything negative written about them online.

The singletons taking part were also asked whether or not they felt that their own social media profiles presented them in an attractive light to potential dates, to which over a third, 35 per cent, said ‘no’. 

When asked why, the majority, 54 per cent, claimed that they had “too many drunk photos” on their profile.

Markus Fischer, Director of International Business at Parship UK, said, “Your social media profiles say much more about you that you’d think, which isn’t always a good thing according to the results of our study!

“It was interesting to see that so many people admit to social media ‘stalking’ before they agree to a date, but with so much of our lives now lived online it’s hardly surprising that it feels natural to check out online profiles before taking the plunge.”

“People should keep in mind how they come across on social media, particularly if they’re looking for love. You may think your profiles present you as a hilarious fun-time lover, but it might look completely different to your potential dates!

“When it comes to online, just be yourself. That way, no horrible surprises will come from a first-date; and if someone doesn’t like the real you, they’re not worth the date in the first place.”

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