Would You Turn To Escorting To Beat The Recession?

Would You Turn To Escorting To Beat The Recession?

Most women would never dream of it, not only can it be seen as degrading but it takes a hell of a lot of confidence to put yourself out there, I mean, where would you even start?

But for Scarlett it was something that she absolutely had to do. Her book, Paying For It, tells of how she lost her job, had debts mounting over her head and had three children to care for.

Left with little options, she did what most women would be terrified to do; offer her services as an escort to a high calibre of clients.

Star Monroe, a leading empowerment expert for women at goddesstarmonroe.com, believes that it’s a woman’s choice to become and escort and that it is a savvy decision to make.

She says, “Choosing escorting as a career is undeniably a savvy business decision. Women are becoming more and more independent and want to live life on their terms, no longer relying on a man to pay the bills and look after them.

“If this woman decides to enter the world of escorting to exploit her natural gifts that will, in turn, give her ultimate freedom, by choosing when to work and with whom, and money then good on her.”

Scarlett often insists that she is a normal woman who is using her confidence and looks to give herself and her children a decent life.

She says, “I am an ordinary mum getting on with life. I'm someone who you would comfortably chat to at the school gates - perhaps you have - or in the doctor's surgery or while queuing at the post office and you would probably think I was a lovely lady.

“I am basically anyone who looks like a well-groomed, attractive, educated woman hitting forty. How I pay my mortgage, fund the children's hobbies and interests and put food on the table may make me unusual, but I hope it doesn't change who I am.”

Lenka Gourdie, Co-Founder of BagServant.co.uk, also feels that being an escort shouldn’t change who a woman is and that they shouldn’t be judged negatively for what they do.

She says, “I think it makes you to become a savvy business woman. You need to be able to deal with people at high level, manage a variety of situations and be able to network. It is like running own business. You are the brand and you are representing the brand but the packing is wrapped by somebody else.”

Scarlett makes no secret that although she doesn’t feel shame for what she does; she worries greatly that others will be ashamed of her choices.

She writes, “If it ever got out that I am in fact an experienced sex worker who has slept with more than one hundred men, my life here would be over.”

This is something that Star says you must be aware of it you’re going to involve yourself in escorting.

She says, “Of course, escorting does involve sex and anyone who is looking to move into this profession needs to fully research and understand the ups and downs of this business, it won't all be luxury travel and glamorous surroundings. 

“Nothing in this life is forever and choosing a career as an escort could open up a whole range of exciting opportunities. As long as personal safety is paramount then enjoy the ride, so to speak!”

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