Seventy six-year-old Desiree Holt doesn’t let her age stop her enjoying the recent trend of erotic literature, in fact, she’d rather write the stuff than bake cakes or knit her grandkids a scarf.

The Latest Erotic Novel From Desiree Holt

The Latest Erotic Novel From Desiree Holt

The grandmother, from Texas, worked in journalism and PR before she retired back in 2000. She’d always wanted to write novels and had planned to write crime fiction, but that all changed when she picked up her first erotic novel.

Desiree is now a best-selling author of bondage, threesome, and 'sadomaschocistic' sex novels, crediting the success of her books on her readers.

She tells the Daily Mail, “I think that it’s because erotic romance is a powerful form of fantasy. Women and men too, can read it and imagine themselves in place of the characters, doing and feeling things they might be too shy about in their everyday existence.”

Desiree often uses things that she experiences in real life to help her create her novels and the characters.

She explored the underground sex scenes and joins forums to delve deeper into the realms of bondage and fetishes.

She even admits that some of the characters are based on people she knows. She says, “I based the hero of one book on my doctor - simply because he's so sexy.”

Desiree has written over 105 novels, novellas and short stories, and has collected a wide range of contacts, one of which was an army solider, who she used for her latest novel Unconditional Surrender.

She’s very aware that there will be people who will always find her writing distasteful, and she was scared that her kids would be among those people.

She says, “I was nervous in the beginning because, while my kids are all adults, I am still 'Mom' to them and therefore shouldn't know this kind of stuff.

“But they are my biggest supporters and brag about me a lot. Even my 20-year-old granddaughter thinks it's exciting.”

Even though Desiree lives in a conservative community, she refuses to stop writing her novels, and says that people simply need to read them to see that they are more than just sex.

Desriee's new book, Unconditional Surrender is available now under Total-E-Bound Publishing.


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