Being a big fan of the Hobbit trilogy (and The Lord of the Rings, for that matter), I thought it'd be intriguing to check out the "astrological ties" between two of my favourite characters in the epic movies. Well, to come straight to the point - what genius casting choices director Peter Jackson & his team have made here! Dean O'Gorman and Aidan Turner play the heroic dwarf brothers Fíli and Kíli, and they just clicked the moment they met for the first time. As the brothers are supposed to be close, Aidan and Dean's strong chemistry is a bonus when it comes to them together on screen. What can their astrology reveal about this phenomenon?

Dean O’Gorman and Aidan Turner

Dean O’Gorman and Aidan Turner

Truth be told, the chart comparison is nothing short of amazing. Here goes! While Aidan's Sun sign is chatty, curious and fuss-free Gemini, Dean's idealistic and optimistic Sagittarius Sun is placed on the exact opposite side of the zodiac - that's because Sagittarius is Gemini's counterpart. There is of course a natural attraction between any pair of opposing signs, and there are similarities too. In the case of Gemini (of the air element) and Sagittarius (a fire sign), both cosmic principles have to do with learning and knowledge: Gemini is the intellectual and messenger archetype, providing the broad basis and bulk of general information (think of primary school, newspapers), and it is ruled by flexible, adaptable Mercury. On the other hand, sense and wisdom-seeking Sagittarius is ruled by generous, expansive Jupiter and wants to go deeper into a particular topic of interest (meaning higher education, university etc.). The witty and cheeky demeanour of Gemini goes pretty well with Sage's enthusiasm for anything that promises excitement and adventure. Hence, it's not hard to conclude that a lot of mischief could result from the combined efforts of these lively chaps - which maybe explains to some extent why Fíli and Kíli lost those ponies… Their respective Sun signs are also very much alike in that they are generally easy going, open minded, and always eager to meet new people.

Most interestingly, both actors have their Sun conjunct Mars - the planet of war and symbol of the fighter, conqueror, and pioneer. Mars represents action and drive, physical power, assertiveness, sports, sexuality, ambition and our primal instincts. Being thus equipped with a healthy dose of determination and irresistible masculine energy, these "brothers in arms" are unlikely to turn down a challenge - or any important quest!

Regrettably, there are no exact birth times available for neither of them. But even without the full individual details, it's certain that Dean's Moon is placed in fiery, passionate Aries, which is the territory of Mars. On top of that, his Moon is most likely very favourably linked up with that hot-blooded planet. This dominance of Mars/Aries has boosted the rather outstanding "martial" talents of the actor early on, which is remarkably illustrated by him having earned a black belt in karate by the tender age of ten! It speaks of extraordinary quickness, strength and willpower: there's a man who knows how to get what he wants. The sharpness of this constellation enables him to act and react in a split second and express his feelings without hesitation, however it may provoke other people in various kinds of ways! Of course, Fíli is also this courageous fighter who carries the most weapons of all the dwarfs (knives and swords are especially related to Aries), whereas Kíli's skill with the bow and arrow perfectly mirrors Aidan's light-footed, agile Gemini Mars. It's amazing to discover that Aidan's Moon is placed in peaceful, harmony-loving and accommodating Libra - the sign which compliments Aries. That means, just like their Suns which reflect their core personalities, Aidan and Dean's Moons which signify our feelings and intuitive needs are also placed in opposite signs. What a cracking interaction! To top it all off, the same goes for their Mercury positions (Dean's in Sage and Aidan's in Gemini) which makes their communication special and leaves no room for dull moments. This must indeed feel like a close, brotherly bond to them, because having many important factors connected in such a way creates fantastic dynamics between two people (a case in point: rockers Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora, who hit it off so well at Richie's first ever audition to join the band that they penned two songs together straight away!). While most likely everyone knows the law "opposites attract", astrology really makes this sort of amazing chemistry visible through its simple language of symbols. Now, while Aries works best as a "one-man business" and can be content on its own for some time, Libra is all about our relationships and the need for a partner. His charming Libra Moon lets Aidan take an even deeper interest in the world of thoughts and inspiration while sharing his ideas with other people. Venus-ruled, sociable Libra comes not only with a keen eye for beauty but also with manners, which does take the edge off of the crude, rough and impatient Mars vibe. However, a Libra Moon's good mood might become quite dependent on his relations with others!

Aidan also became famous through his show Being Human where he plays a vampire, and most recently as the smouldering, emotionally troubled lead character Ross Poldark in the period drama series Poldark. But what could possibly make the usually bubbly and playful Gemini go all brooding, dangerous and gloomy? That's where the tough as nails twin pack of Saturn and Pluto in his chart comes in handy: It gives Aidan a great ability to add quite a bit of depth and some darker shades to his character. It also lends him a good deal of discipline, responsibility and perseverance, which the normally carefree Gemini quality is not exactly known for. Dean's chart reveals a similarly beneficial Saturn link: It enables him to quickly assess facts and figures and think sensibly and logically without losing his broad-mindedness. With his total of six planets in the fire element, he loves to win and takes no shit from anyone, which could easily lead to an overconfident, cocky and selfish attitude - were it not for Neptune being thrown into the exciting mix to tone it all down and add a very humble spirit and considerable softness. Dreamy Neptune, the planet of fine arts and poetry, surely had a strong impact on Dean's career choices, as he's also a gifted photographer and painter. Plus, of all the Norse gods who appear on his TV show The Almighty Johnsons, Dean plays the reincarnation of the god of poetry - Huh, it might have had a hand in that as well… The scene looks a little bit similar for Aidan, as all of his planets are placed in masculine signs only. But, believe it or not, Aidan's chart shows in fact the same strong Neptune influence as Dean's! And besides tending to "crush" the ego, this opens up the soul to the realm of emotions and sensitivity, encourages empathy for others and shows a big heart. Also it would seem that they're both very spiritual. Neptune, the ruler of go-with-the-flow Pisces, stands for imagination and intuition, making it probably pretty easy for both actors to find their bearings in Tolkien's fantasy world.

Seeing how great Aidan and Dean work together based on their cosmic assets and given the huge popularity they gained following the Hobbit movies, many would like them to do another project someday. An eager fan already made his request online: "Get them to cast Dean O`Gorman as Poldark's stable boy!" Well, a second season for Poldark has just been confirmed, so who knows? They would certainly make an impressive combo.

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