Most of us try online dating due to our busy lives which leave us little time to meet people in the traditional way.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Research has now shown that it’s important to take the time and care when creating your online dating profile as it could lead to whether you get a date or not.

Dating site did some research into what keywords on your dating profile are more likely to get you a date.

The site took data from the top 200 female member’s profiles on the site and compiled a list of the most common words to come up, therefore showing what men are looking for in a woman they wish to date.

The most desirable keywords were rated as:

1. Witty

2. Girl-next-door

3. Educated

4. Intelligent

5. Small-town

6. Sexy

7. Big heart

8. Fun

9. Classy

10. Master’s Degree

11. Spontaneous

12. Smart

13. Vivacious

14. Sophisticated

15. Versatile

16. Adventurous

17. Cultured

18. Down-to-earth

19. Graduate Degree

20. Chemistry

Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of says, “The online dating game is a lot like the job market. There are many eligible candidates with varying degrees of desirable attributes, so how do you choose the one who deserves a second look?

“Certain keywords like ‘versatile’ and ‘Master’s Degree’ look good on both an online dating profile and a resume, so maybe some girls would be better offer treating their online dating profiles much like they would a resume.”

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