The works Christmas party is coming up and whilst most of us can’t wait to have a few drinks with our work friends and perhaps dance to a few Christmas classics, the rest of us dread which male colleague we will end up in bed with after a one too many cocktails.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Drunken encounters at our works party aren’t exactly ideal but seem the best idea when a bucket load of alcohol is on offer and the handsome male in the office is being overtly friendly. 

Whilst a drunken episode usually is just that and is forgotten about after a few awkward exchanges in the work place, some have admitted to their drunken encounter leading into flings.

A surprising 5% admitted going one step further and admitting a sexual fling with their boss when under the influence and 3% a client. Why would anyone have a fling with their boss?!

So it seems once we have a drink we just cannot help ourselves, that slight crush we had kept rightly to ourselves is thrown onto display with the help of our once good friend Tia Maria.

Drunken encounters aren’t the only thing we regret the morning after an alcohol fuelled night, most of us promise to ourselves that our phone will be strictly kept in our bags for ‘emergencies only’. As soon as the third drink has been finished our mobile phone becomes our best friend and text messages are being sent left, right and centre with content we dread to read back in the morning. The research revealed that a naughty 20% admitted to ‘sexting’ someone they knew they shouldn’t.

We also cannot keep our mouths shut, not just rambling on about something that we thought was interesting at the time but also we find it necessary to blurt out private information. 20% have divulged a secret and almost 10% have posted something on Facebook and regretted it the next day. Social networking whilst drunk is not a good combination even if we do think it’s a laugh tagging each other in pictures mimicking the boss.

Even though we all like a drink now and then especially at the Christmas party as some like to let loose after working all hours god send, there is a less humorous side to it. Drinking excessively can affect your sense of judgement on situations you wouldn’t even dream of whilst sober. According to the research a shocking 15% have cheated on a partner whilst under the influence, some may say “well you can’t blame it on the drink”. Worryingly, almost 10% of people have visited A&E whilst drunk, 12% have woken up somewhere they didn’t know and 10% reported getting into a fight.

Here are the top ten most common behaviours whilst drunk: 

1.      Throwing up                                        

2.      Arguing with friends  

3.      Falling asleep in a public place         

4.      Having sex with a stranger                

5.      Divulging a secret                              

6.      Sexting someone you shouldn’t         

7.      Cheating on a partner                       

8.      Losing a mobile phone                       

9.      Losing an item of clothing                 

10.    Taking illegal drugs                           

Redemption founder and former Virgin Director Catherine Salway, founder comments: "We were doing research into our alcohol-free bar movement and we wanted to understand the British public's attitude and behaviours around drinking.  Whilst many of these results can be quite amusing, they do reinforce the fact that alcohol is totally ingrained in British culture, especially in the festive season. Everyone has done something they regret whilst drunk, but the results are quite surprising. Who knew that so many people had over-stepped the line with a colleague whilst under the influence!”

The research was commissioned by Redemption, London’s first alcohol-free bar movement. Redemption is an alcohol free movement and the brainchild of ex-Virgin director Catherine Salway. Redemption is located in Goldfinger Factory in Ladbroke Grove, west London. 

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