The alcohol is flowing, everyone is having a great time and before you know it, you’re locking lips with that fit colleague you’ve had your eye on for ages.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Great! Well imagine your shock when you find out they’re married. This is the predicament that 48 per cent of British men face the day after the night before.

A new survey from found that nearly half of single British men end up finishing the night by kissing their married colleague.

Single women are a lot less predatory with only 22 per cent of them admitting to kissing a married colleague.

Whilst the men aren’t exactly angels, does this mean that they are more faithful than the women?

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, the work Christmas party certainly seems to be the place to find love.

With the alcohol flowing and all the tensions from the passing year being released it seems we can’t help ourselves when stood under the mistletoe.

Fifty six per cent of men and 35 per cent of women admitted to kissing someone at a work’s Christmas party.

Unfortunately, not all of these trysts turned into a long lasting romance. Only 20 per cent of them flourished into a fully-fledged romance after the party.

According to the survey, the rule ‘what happens at the work’s Christmas party, stays at the work’s Christmas party’ need not apply as 65 per cent of respondents said they used the party as a means to gossip about co-workers.

Sean Wood, Communications Director at, said, “There are so many pitfalls with work parties that it’s probably best to drink in moderation or even bring your own partner along.

“We often organise dating events for singles which are great for meeting potential partners, and you can therefore avoid having to hide in the photocopy room the next day.”