Wives and girlfriends are so fed-up with the appalling present buying skills of their partners that this Christmas many are planning to cut out the middle-man and buy a present for themselves.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Research carried out by One4All reveals that 75 per cent of women believe they would buy a better Christmas present than their partner.  Only 3 per cent of women believe that their husband or boyfriend could do a better job than them.

Men tend to agree, with only 11 per cent believing that they wear the trousers when it comes to picking out the right gift.

As a result, the majority of women would rather that their partners did the honourable thing by stepping aside and letting them get on with the present buying.

Incredibly, 94 per cent of women said that they would be pleased to get a multi-store gift card and 91 per cent would be happy with cash from their partner, meaning that they can shop around to pick and choose their present.

Declan Byrne, Managing Director UK of One4all, a leading multi-store gift card sold through Post Offices nationwide and online, says, “Gift cards are an increasingly popular choice for Christmas gifts and, given the findings of our research, might offer many men a way out of their Christmas present buying nightmares.

“We know from the research that once a gift has been bought, no matter how bad, just 14 per cent of people feel comfortable taking it back to the shop for a refund or an exchange.

“This can mean that the unwanted gift hangs around unused, as a silent reminder that simply builds up tension ahead of next Christmas.”

One4All’s research also reveals:

•             Men don’t get better with age.  Their present buying skills actually deteriorate as they get older.  Men aged over 55 are considered the worst at buying presents for their partners.

•             Men in Belfast are considered the best when it comes to buying presents for their partners.

•             Men in Aberdeen are considered the worst at buying presents for their partners.

•             Examples of the worst presents bought include -

A blouse 2 sizes too big.

A book on how to clean the house.

A clothes defluffer.

An extractor fan for the bathroom.

An electric shoe polisher.

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