Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger

A recent poll of 2,000 UK males was condicted to find the features they find most attractive in the opposite sex. The results have been surprising, with blondes being beaten by brunettes.

In fact a third (33.1%) of all those polled said they find brown hair more attractive than blonde (29.5%), black (28.6%) and red (8.8%), contradicting the adage that gentlemen prefer blondes. 

A further surprise the study uncovered is that 38.8% of guys looked for a dress size of 12-14 in their perfect woman with only 10% looking for a size 6-8.

This proves that whilst magazines fill their pages with skinny models, UK males actually prefer a more average build. Only 4.2% preferred size 18+ whilst a curvy size 14-18 was the second most popular with 25.5% of the vote.

Blue eyes still rule the roost in the UK however, with a massive 40.2% of guys preferring blue eyes over brown (29.2%), hazel (13.1%) and green (17.5%).

When all of the pieces of the puzzle are compiled, it’s TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger who has all of the attributes that men in the UK find most attractive.

Her brown hair, blue eyes and average build give her the perfect combination for being the girl next door and the type of girl that UK males find most attractive.

The survey was also run in France, Spain, Italy, US and Brazil all came back with surprising results.

In fact only the French said they preferred their woman skinny with all others saying they prefer average to curvy women. 

In all of the countries surveyed, black was the most popular hair colour (except the UK).

The UK was also the only country that opted for blue eyes, with brown and green topping the table around the world.

Lloyd Price, from Badoo, said, "I was amazed that blonde hair and size 8 did not top the list, magazines are full of skinny blonde models, so it is nice to see that in reality guys prefer the girl next door look. Mark Wright is clearly a lucky man in the eyes on the nation."

The poll was conducted by Badoo.

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