Would You Have An Affair?

Would You Have An Affair?

It’s quite shocking to think that there are websites designed for people who are seeking to have an affair, but supply only meets demand and demand is high according to a recent survey by maritalaffair.co.uk.

The survey found that 49 per cent of adults feel that “there are times and circumstances when it is acceptable for one or both partners not to be monogamous.”

This leads to the question of how those who wish to have an affair would go about it, and it seems that extra martial affair websites are the way forward.

Fifty four per cent of British adults said that if you were going to cheat you should use a website specifically for extra marital affairs, whereas only 7 per cent said that cheaters should use singles sites.

Noel Biderman, CEO of AshleyMadison.com, an extra marital affairs dating site, says that sites like his own are easily justifiable.

He says, “Using a singles site is a bad idea because it’s going to end badly, an affair in the work place is also going to end badly. Joining a community of like-minded adults who all know what they’re getting into and all put their hands up if they’re interested in an affair is the best place to look to pursue something like that.”

AshleyMadison.com was set up in 2001 and currently has 14.9 million users all over the world, which begs the question, if so many people are cheating then why not just get a divorce? Noel insists it’s simply because they don’t want to get a divorce.

He says, “To them marriage has more to it than sex. To them marriage has children, marriage has extended family, marriage has economic situations and despite what people want you to believe, sex and love are always inextricably tied.”

The maritalaffairs.co.uk survey showed that 46 per cent of Britons see an affair as expectable when both partners have consented to it, but Noel claims that something like that rarely happens.

“It’s done in secrecy” he said. Noel said there is one of two ways the website could have been set up, either both partners are aware or it’s done privately. After polling the two ideas at the outset, there was a clear winner.

Noel says, “Inverably we saw that it wasn’t even close, 98 per cent of people said they were just more happy to do it behind their partner’s backs.”

So is this phenomenon the future of affairs? Noel certainly thinks so. He says, “There are countries in the world now where it’s prohibited, prohibited by law, prohibited by death and people are still doing it. There isn’t a market that we can’t bring Ashley Madison to.”


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