Whether you love curling up with a rom-com or hiding behind the sofa with a horror, your taste in movies could help to make you a more attractive romantic prospect. eharmony’s relationship expert Verity Hogan explains why movies spark interest on dating profiles

Shared interests are attractive

Shared interests are attractive

They help your profile stand out from the crowd

The more detail you include on your dating profile, the better. Our data shows that profiles between 200 and 250 words tend to get the best response rate. This length allows prospective dates to get a sense of you as a person, not just what you look like. Mentioning your favourite movie, or movie genre, is a simple way to show that you’ve made an effort with your dating profile (a very attractive quality) and provide an initial insight into the person behind the profile.

They spark great opening messages

Constructing a great opening message can be a challenge, but when a dating profile mentions movies, it’s easy to break the ice. Send a message letting them know that you love the same movie or ask them why it’s their favourite. This works well as it shows that you have shared interests (and are likely to share personality traits) as well as demonstrating that you’ve taken the time to read their dating profile properly and write a personalised opening message.

They’re a great date idea

There are few date ideas as classic as dinner and a movie. If you know your date is a film fan from their profile, that’s one less thing to worry about. Avoid the cinema on a first date though, unless you’re planning to meet up for a drink before or after. It’s impossible to get to know someone properly if you’re just spending two hours sitting silently in the dark together. Save it for your third or fourth date when you’re more comfortable with one another (and can use it as an excuse to cuddle up!)

They lead to great date conversations

You’ll never be lost for words on a date with a fellow film fan. If your date’s profile says they love a certain movie or director, mention it. Everyone loves talking about things that they’re passionate about and it’s sure to put them at ease and help the rest of the date conversation flow. Don’t succumb to the temptation to lie and say you’ve watched a movie you haven’t to impress your date though. 6% of singles admitted to doing this in a recent survey, with Star Wars, Titanic and Love Actually the most commonly lied about movies!

Shared interests are attractive

While shared values and personality traits help to determine long-term relationship quality, shared interests are important in the early stages. It’s always attractive to find someone who’s passionate about the same things you are, especially if those interests are niche. That may be why a recent study by the experts at eharmony found that women who mention 2005’s relatively obscure Oscar-winning movie Crash on their dating profiles receive 79% more messages than those that don’t.

Your taste in movies reflects your personality…

Your interests often reflect elements of your personality. Fans of fantasy adventure movie The Lord of the Rings, for example, tend to score highly on eharmony’s Relationship Questionnaire in intellectual curiosity, while Titanic enthusiasts are die-hard romantics. And if you’d rather spend your evening with the Corleone family, don’t be surprised if your date – and other fans of The Godfather – are intelligent, athletic, and a little confrontational.

…and your outlook on life

It’s not just your personality that is reflected in your taste in movies. They can also mirror your values and outlook on life. Fans of British historical drama The King’s Speech, for example, were found to value monogamy more highly than the average eharmony user, perhaps echoing the supportive marriage between King George VI and Queen Elizabeth that’s depicted in the film.

They influence your romantic expectations

If you’re looking to be swept off your feet, then seeing from their profile that your date loves musicals or rom-coms could be a good indicator that they feel the same way. That may explain why men who mention Audrey Hepburn’s My Fair Lady on their dating profile receive 79% more messages than those who don’t. West Side Story has a similar effect; men who list the musical among their favourite films see a 70% increase in communication.

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