If you want children, like many other couples around the globe, there might be some things that you want to accomplish before becoming parents. So we take a look at what is top on a couple’s list of priorities before they have their first child according to OvuSense.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

To be married- Despite traditions fading- many still want to be married before they start a family.

To own your own house- Many couples want a sound investment that comes with owing a house so they have something to pass onto their children.

To have matured enough to be parents- Some couples still live life like they are 18, whereas some have calmed down since their post teen years- it’s a matter of how mature you feel to be responsible for another human being.

To have travelled- Travelling as a couple can be lots of fun, cocktails and parties, carving their own hours- with a child holidays become very different so it’s important to get all of your couply travelling out of the way.

To have cleared any debt- With the rising cost of raising a child it’s not the best idea to have children while still under the pressure of debt.

To have completed further education / necessary qualifications- Time is of the essence once a baby arrives; so many couples like to get their CV looking tip top before they enter into having a family as the opportunity might reduce once they come along.

To have a garden- Kids love to play out in the summer so a garden is the perfect safe place for them to be once they get a bit older.

Go on a once in a lifetime holiday- Like a honeymoon or a global tour- the next opportunity is likely going to be retirement so it’s a good idea to take it while you can!

To own a car- A car can be a necessity for some parents to be as the thought of the extra room needed for baby apparel looms.

To have £10,000 in savings- There is always the worry that when you have a baby that something unexpected will come along and you won’t be able to provide for them so having something put by is a real comfort.

To have said goodbye to your party days- If you still go out every weekend and get smashed then the likelihood is you would find being a parent especially hard.

To lose weight ahead of getting pregnant- Some women have never had the bodies they have yearned for and want to get them before they change again through childbirth and pregnancy.

To be earning £30,000, 40,000 or 50,000 or above- Money is important as maternity pay kicks in and costs rise for a third person in the family unit, so the bigger the wage the better.

To reach the top of your game at work- If you feel like you have achieved everything at work then you naturally look at your personal life and begin to think of ways to progress with that- a baby being the next milestone.

To own your own business- If you are in control of your own schedule you can plan it around having kids, so you are not working by someone else’s clock.

To cut down on your alcohol intake- If you can’t go through one day without wine, then it might be a big adjustment to be a mother, as sobriety for at least the first 9 months is mandatory!

To have paid off your student loan- The student loan is something that plagues your twenties so paying it off is like a new chapter in your life.

To move back to be near your parents- Having your parents around is important for children, so they can see the next generation as often as they want.

To have earned enough to afford a nanny- With the reality that a full time nanny costs as much as one wage- it’s no surprise that couples want to ensure that they have enough dosh to cover that and live off the other’s wage.