It's National I Want You To Be Happy Day, so we thought we would take a look at the ways you can keep your man happy in your relationship!

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First


Everyone looks better when they smile and if you do it around him he will think that it's all down to being with him which gives him an ego boost!

Be happy

No one likes a miserable grump for company- so try your best to be happy around him- it takes more energy trying to be mad or sad than it does to be happy - so why waste it?

Take care of your appearance

You might have him and no longer have to worry about him leaving you, but show him that you still want to make an effort when he's around rather than slumming it in sweats with no make-up all the time.


There is nothing to say that flirtiness should stop once you are dating! Keep the innuendo going and the suggestive conversation- it makes you feel like tis the first date all over again!

Avoid flirting with other guys

Just think how you would feel if it was the other way around- it's cruel and unnecessary.

Male Friends

If you have a close male friend make him feel more important than him, even if you have known him forever- there is a natural jealousy there- so don't make it worse by putting your man in second place.

The little things that count

Send him a text saying that you love him, hold his hand when you are out and about, give him a passionate kiss when you get home instead of a peck on the check, just as a little reminder that you care every day that you're with him.

Talk about your day

When you get in from work, listen to what went on in his day- once he gets it off his chest you can put work to one side and enjoy your evening together!

Initiate sex

Men are notorious for wanting sex and showing you that they are in the mood, so catch him off guard and pull suggestively on his tie or give him your best bedroom eyes!

Alone time

If you can get on with his friends and family then great! But you need time just the two of you too! Make sure that you have at least one evening every week that is just reserved for you both and no-one else!

Don't ignore him in company

If you are out with your friends or family- even if you haven't seen them in a while- don't ignore him- include him in little stories about each other and ask him to join in.

Tell him you fancy him

If he is suddenly wearing a suit for work and he doesn't normally, tell him he looks like James Bond! Make sure he knows that you still find him attractive and that even though you have been together a while- you still think he is the most handsome one in the room!

Spend time apart

This makes you miss each other and spending time doing the things you like that each other doesn't. Even if it's in different rooms of the house- you are still getting the 'me' time- and can regroup once you realise that you miss each other.

Make a fuss

If it's your anniversary, birthday or new job- any big event in your man's life- make a big deal- even if you are on a budget- make things so the occasion is marked in some way!